Vessi sneakers – updated November

I’ve officially had my Vessi sneakers for a few months now and have actually had the opportunity to wear them during the rain.  Surprisingly enough, Seattle hasn’t had a crazy amount of rain but it’s been great to test out the shoes on a regular basis.  Here are my thoughts:

  • These shoes are actually really comfortable. They do advertise that these shoes will be great for all four seasons but I don’t think I believe that.  Living in Seattle, I think these will work for me but if I lived somewhere that had snow – these shoes would not be great.  They are comfortable but I would never use them for actual fitness activities like running or hiking.  Even light hiking wouldn’t work well with these shoes in my opinion because you can definitely tell that for the fact that they are lightweight, you have to take the trade off of being able to feel things when you step on them.  If you’re hitting the trails in LA, you’ll be fine. If you’re hitting the trails with rocks in the Pacific Northwest, then you’ll have a problem.
  • Yes, the shoes are waterproof but if it turns out you walk heavy on your heels or walk in a way in which water can be kicked up, you’ll get your shoes wet.
  • If you buy the white shoes – they will not stay white.  You’d think that being waterproof, the shoes would be able to withstand getting dirty but that is not the case.  I have two friends who purchased the white ones and they are now just gray/brown. It’s unfortunate.
  • The shoes are still a little hard to put on but you get used to it after awhile. I found that if I put the shoes on while I’m sitting, it is a little easier.
  • If you walk inside after walking in the rain or puddles – be prepared to be heard by everyone. My shoes squeak so much for a solid few minutes immediately after walking into the building. I try so very hard to wipe off my feet as much as possible on the entrance rug in my office but the entire office can hear me a mile away.
  • The black ones are easier to manage and keep clean. I wear them when I walk the dog and have had zero issues with getting them dirty which seems strange after the white ones.

Overall, I would definitely more of these shoes. They’re pretty great.