I’m always on the lookout for new clothing and jewelry.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

Allbirds – I purchased the black wool runners which came out to be more of a charcoal gray and I am obsessed with them.  You can throw them in the washer/dryer, you don’t need to wear socks with them and they’re super comfortable.  I didn’t even have a break in period with them and I’m in love. I would highly recommend them for a nice leisurely shoe.

Oiselle – All things Oiselle.  yes, that is descriptive and yes I mean it.  I have a few items from this company and I have yet to be disappointed.  A few of the items that I have are no longer sold through them but they’re durable and perfect for the female runner.  Or even just someone who likes workout clothing or accessories in general.

Hanover Backpack from Lo & Sons – I have to admit that I found this backpack via Facebook because there were videos everywhere.  That being said, after watching the video I was hooked.  I currently use the bag for work and I am so pleased by all the compartments and the durability.  Totally worth it for the price and the simplicity of the design.

BZR Sunglasses – I bought these on a whim and I am officially obsessed.  Made by a local Seattle company and sold through a local Seattle company, these are frameless sunglasses that come in multiple colors.

World’s Best Travel Jacket – I have mine on pre order and should be receiving it in just a few weeks. I didn’t think I could be so excited about this!

Society 6 – I needed a new iPhone case and this website is a great for that.  It uses people’s artwork and prints them on cases, pillows, shirts and bags.  This site will keep you busy for hours.

Madewell Romper – I’ve decided figuring out matching outfits is too difficult.  Rompers and jumpsuits here I come.

Uniqlo Down Vest – This packs into a small pouch.  I’m testing it out for my trip.

Noir Eyeliner – Received this in a Birchbox.  So pleased.

Smashbox Always Sharp Eyeliner – Precision lines.

Baleen – Seattle jewelry.  I cannot get enough of their work.

Tieks – Amazing flats that have support, traction and are foldable.  And oh, so cute!

Everlane – Beautiful, simple, classic well made clothing

Moorea Seal – A Seattle jewelry/accessory store that sells beautiful unique pieces


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