Welcome to what’s on my mind. I’m trying to figure out what it means to be an adult and what being an adult requires.  I haven’t quite figured it out but I’m working on it. I’ve learned a lot since I entered the “real world” and I’m still not sure how to use this knowledge to ensure success. Come on this journey with me of self-discovery, traveling through the years, and just overall entertainment on the ridiculous things that can happen to one person.

Fauxadulthood is my way of documenting the great and terrible things that happen to me while I progress through the journey into adulthood (whenever that may be).

Potential topics you’ll find here will include but not be limited to:
– My travel adventures (successes and failures)
– Life lessons (awkward moments, things I’ve learned, etc)
– Things I love (food, music, food, fashion, food, books, etc)
– Other general thoughts that I might have and feel the need to share.

Welcome and I hope you stay awhile.

Interested in connecting?


Twitter: WinnyC

Instagram: Winny.C


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