Black Friday shopping – Successes and Fails

As I mentioned previously, I fell victim to buying all the things during Black Friday.  The deals really got me and I have no shame for the amount of stuff that I purchased. Throughout the week following Thanksgiving, all of my package started arriving and it was like Christmas every single day but not really because I bought it myself.  It actually got to a point where I couldn’t always remember what I had purchased and what was arriving.

Here are my success and fails in terms of what I purchased:

  • Skyroam wifi: Have you heard about this? It’s basically pocket wifi that works in 130 countries! After looking into other things like Google Fi, I think that soon I’ll probably no longer need Skyroam but for now, I am super excited to have this in preparation for my trips.  The day pass is $1 cheaper than what my cell provider for unlimited data over a period of 24 hours.  But the Black Friday sale gave me 10 days free so not only did I get the little wifi thing for myself, but I got 10 days free which means that I now have the device/powerbank for all my travels and I am able to use it on my trip to Asia this year. This will be a new thing for me considering I usually fly by the seat of my pants and don’t connect to data.
  • Skincare products: After turning 30, I’ve decided that I want to do better about taking care of my skin. I’ve been working really hard to test out new product offerings and trying see what really works for my skin. Now that it’s winter, I know that I need more moisturizing products because my skin is really suffering.  So I have a few products from Claudlie and Clinque that I’ll be trying.  Obviously, I won’t know if this one is a success for a few weeks but I am excited, especially because everything is travel size so I can bring it with me on all of my trips.
  • A velvet shirt: This needs to be returned. Why I bought a velvet shirt, no one will ever really know. I thought that it was something I’d want to wear all the time because it’s soft and it looked cute.  But that thing is basically a crop top for me so it needs to go back.
  • A pj set: I bought a flannel pj set. I’m still undecided on whether I want to keep it or not but I think that I will probably end up returning it.  It doesn’t really fit me that well so I think that I will return it for something else that is much more my style when it comes to sleeping.
  • An Instapot: AH! I am so excited. I want to start cooking and meal prepping for work so that I stop going out to eat all the time.  The food offerings around the office are great but let’s be honest, I spend way too much money on food that isn’t necessarily healthy or really that great for me. So I need more varieties so that I can eat all the foods and be healthy about my consumption decisions.
  • Leggings: These are very specific leggings. I bought the Oiselle bird hug leggings again. When I say again, I really mean I bought my second pair. I got my first pair and then immediately put them on, sat at my computer after they arrived and purchased my second pair of them.  If you haven’t tried these, you are missing out. Plus they seem to repel dog hair which is great!
  • Turtleneck sweaters: The weather is starting to get cold and I think that we’re going to have a cold but mildly dry winter which means that I need all the warm clothing possible. I am so excited about sweaters and I’ve been looking for some good sweaters, luckily Nordstrom had a great deal this time around for them.
  • An Aritzia Puffer Jacket: I have the Everlane super long puffer that they released last year and it is amazing but it keeps me way too warm when it’s only 35 degrees outside. The Aritzia puffer was on super sale and is the same length as my Everlane one but is definitely more light weight so I am very happy with that purchase. Plus I finally branched out from my standard black jackets and got something dark red/burgundy to spice up my wardrobe. I cannot wait to bust this out and see how it works in the weather.

Overall, I am pretty proud of the purchases I made and cannot wait to test them all out.  To be honest, the Instapot might be my number one purchase. Yes, it may even beat out the Skyroam pocket wifi.  We shall see how this all goes.


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