What am I thankful for?

Today is Thanksgiving. And holy cow has 2018 been a whirlwind of a year.  I am not entirely sure about everything that I’ve seen and experienced this year but to follow tradition, here’s a list of some of the stuff that I am so very thankful this year:

  • My family. I get my love of travel from my parents, I get my love of adventure from my parents.  I get my love of music and books from my sister.  I don’t know if it’s possible to be more thankful for my family.
  • My friends. I know that when I first moved back, I was fearful that coming back would be hard because everyone’s lives had moved on without me but I have the best and most amazing friends in the entire world. It’s been so easy to be back in Seattle and it’s been so easy to maintain the friendships that I have with people all around the world.  I can never really express in words how much I love each and every one of them.
  • My health. Yes, I say this like I am an old person. But this year, I ran 13 miles in one go. Yes, I walked for a portion of it but nothing moved me forward except for my own two feet and my own body. I managed to do it on my own.
  • My ability to travel. I love that I can wander the world and see what it has to offer. I love that I can go to cities where my friends are and visit them.
  • Books. I have finished 53 books so far this year. 53 books of adventures, stories, truths, lessons, and so much more. Things that have challenged me mentally and changed my life for the better.
  • The lessons I’ve learned. Things haven’t always been easy and things won’t always be easy. I understand this and I’m prepared to try and battle it the best I can. That being said, I’m happy where I am and with who I am today. I have no complaints and I will continually try to do better.

What are you thankful for?


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