Dishoom, London, Stockholm

We went to Dishoom, Shoreditch for dinner and it ended up being absolutely delicious.  I’ve always loved Dishoom brunch but had never been there for another meal so it was great to actually be there for another meal and actually try more foods. Unfortunately, they don’t take reservations so we ended up waiting quite awhile for dinner. We sat at the bar for a bit and ordered beverages, as someone who doesn’t drink, they have great non-alcoholic beverages so if you don’t drink, it’s definitely worth it to try out their non-alcoholic drinks. They have a good selection and they’re quite delicious.

When we were eventually seated, we made our way downstairs to the far back corner of the eating area and over ordered on dinner, as per usual.  The food was absolutely delicious and we decided to do family style so that we could order more food to try. Unfortunately, it took us about 45 minutes to get seated and then because the restaurant was slammed, it took forever for us to get our orders in and then the food took forever to show up. Finally, when it came time for our bill to actually show up, the manager had provided us a free dessert because of the excessively long wait times we experienced.  It was super nice of them because we didn’t feel the need to complain but they were well aware of it our mildly poor customer experience. That being said, the food made up for everything so I wasn’t too concerned.

The next morning, we made our way to our office in Shoreditch then after a few hours, made our way out to the Gatwick airport for our flight to Stockholm. We took an uber there, probably could have taken a taxi but it was actually mildly cheaper for us to take an uber out to the Gatwick airport. From there, we made our way to Stockholm for 24 hours.

The Gatwick airport is actually really easy to navigate and the Norwegian Air flight was super easy for our short flight to Stockholm.

After landing in Stockholm, we made our way to the Arlanda Express and grabbed the train into the city where we checked into our hotel. The Arlanda Express is about $20 USD and it is a great way to get into the city when you’re looking for a fast and easy route into Stockholm. Plus it takes you directly into city center.

When we were done checking into our hotel, we made our way to the main train station for dinner. Yes, I ate dinner at the train station because we were so tired and too lazy to actually go find another restaurant.  We ended up eating on the balcony of the train station at an Italian food place that overlooked the entire train station with their holiday lights. The food was actually really good for being train station food and plus, it was right next to our hotel which meant that we had minimal time that we had to spend outside which is great because it was freezing.

Finally, it was time for bed because we had an all day meeting the next day before our flight back to London.


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