Things I look forward to in the fall

Now that it is almost October, I am so excited for all things autumn related. Like, absurdly excited. Seattle had a beautiful spring/summer season this year. We barely had any rain and it was super hot most of the summer.  The skies were blue, the grass turned brown from the lack of water, the temperatures kept everything nice and toasty.  The amount of people dealing with air conditioning units and fans increased. In fact, my fan was consistently running every night because otherwise I would have a hard time sleeping.

But now that we are at the point where it’s almost October, the weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing, the clouds are getting dark and the sun is disappearing.

Here are the things I’m looking forward to the most for this fall season:

  • Large and oversized sweaters – I love my giant sweaters. I wish I could live in giant sweaters all day every day. I cannot wait to bust these out and live in them for the next few months.
  • Booties – yes, I love booties.  Sometimes it’s weird to wear them during the summer unless you have the right outfit. But now I get to justify wearing them all day every day.
  • Fuzzy blankets – I have this fuzzy blanket that I keep on my couch and I love curling up with it to take a nap.  In the summer, it’s difficult to do because it gets to hot so now that it’s cooling down, I can curl up all day long.
  • Burrito-ing in my bed – I love wrapping myself in my blankets when I go to bed. In the summer it gets too hot so now I can bundle up.
  • Peppermint Mochas – I am not a PSL person. I love the peppermint mochas and everything peppermint related.
  • Color of the leaves – while I love the blues and greens of Seattle, nothing really compare to seeing the leaves changing colors and signifying that it is officially fall.
  • Soups and noodle soups – I plan on eating all the pho and ramen I can now that the weather is changing
  • Hot beverages in general – iced beverages give you less liquid cause places give you way too much
  • Darker colors – I love my darker colors and darker colored clothing
  • No sunglasses – I always forget my sunglasses and now I don’t need to worry
  • Books – curling up in the warmth of my home and reading makes me so happy. When it’s too hot outside, I fall asleep too easily.

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