Korean food in Paris

It’s not every day that you decide to get Korean food while you’re in Paris.  To be honest, usually when I am in another city, I always try to eat the local foods. In the case of Paris, I usually would have gone for Parisian food or French food in general. I mean, I would have gladly settled for a dinner full of pastries and butter for dinner. Even with my love of pastries, we decided that we wanted to get Korean food. Actually we were more motivated by trying to do karaoke and that eventually made our way to Korean food instead. We found a place called Soon that was actually within walking distance to our hotel and had great reviews for their food so we decided that this would be the place for dinner.

We ordered bulgogi and Korean fried chicken as appetizers and I decided that I wanted to get the bibimbap. I can’t say that I had the highest hopes for how good the food would be for that dinner but it ended up being absolutely delicious. The bonchon was well made and delicious and the bulgogi was very well done.  I did also love the Korean fried chicken.  To be honest, I’m not sure I really spoke while I was eating the chicken. It was so good. But I do have an absurd love of fried chicken in general.

We ended up eating there for a few hours and ended our evening with great conversation and good food.


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