Finding your people

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on life and especially life back in Seattle.  As mentioned before, I moved back to Seattle over a year ago and recently started the whole online dating thing to try and meet new people. What I didn’t realize was that this experience would remind me of just how luck I am to have all of my friends in my life and how luck I am to have people who are so supportive of every decision I’ve made so far. That being said, I’ve been having lots of conversations with people about the friends in my life and what we do on a regular basis. Talking about it and thinking about it, I feel like if you had talked to me about it five or six years ago, I probably wouldn’t think that what I do now is really that cool.

I remember when I was younger, I felt the need to be doing the most social things and I felt that I needed to be cool. But that being said, nowadays, what we’re doing is all that I really care about. I don’t care if it’s really that interesting or if it’s that cool because it makes me happy. At this point in time, I’ve seen so many people do things for the ‘gram’ and for posting all over social media which really kind of makes things very different. I feel like things that I’m doing with my friends and family should really just be for me and us to enjoy. It shouldn’t be for other people’s viewing pleasure.  While I may actually post it on social media, it’s less about trying to show I’m cool but rather just showing the fun things that are happening in my life.

When I think about it all, I’ve realized that I’ve found my people. I found the people that I can show up to brunch with to go over the awesome books that we’ve read.  That I can have brunch surrounded by amazing people who love to read as much as I do. I’ve found the people I can sit and watch trashy television with on a regular basis.  I’ve found the people that I can text every awkward moment that happens in my life. The people who appreciate the awkward spellings of my name, the people who I can celebrate every win with. The people who will help me swipe through the online dating profiles. I’ve found the people who will give me so much crap for how terrible my fantasy football team is. The people that I can legitimately cry to without explaining why I’m crying. I have found the people where I can tell them one thing and no questions asked, they will defend me and be supportive.

I feel so honored and lucky to meet so many amazing people in my life. I know that I have a tendency to rant and rave about how awesome my friends are but sometimes, I just feel like I need to put it out there in the universe.  Because sometimes, I just don’t think there’s enough time in the world to call each and every single one of them to tell them how much I adore them.


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