Station F – Paris

So if you don’t know, I work in the tech industry and specifically with startups. It’s been an awesome experience and I have been able to visit places that I never thought I would be able to ever go in my entire life. The main reason why I was going to Paris for this trip was to visit our team that sits in Paris but also to visit Station F.

If you don’t know, Station F is one of the largest startup spaces in France and it is actually in an old train repair/maintenance building. It is a space for enterprises, startups, accelerators, venture capitalists and other companies to work together to help grow the startup ecosystem in France.  They went through and renovated the building over the last year or so and it is beautiful.

We took the metro over to Station F and met up with our team to get the our of the facility. Luckily, we were going to do our meetings there so I got to work in a really awesome space all day which is better than sitting in an actual office all day.

I would say this space is one of the most impressive coworking spaces I have ever seen.  There’s so much to say about the right interior touches that can make all the difference.  Station F is super open, they’ve made some interesting design choices such as fake shipping containers (maybe they’re real) as conference rooms which actually don’t have tables and chairs but rather beanbags. They have a huge space for events and theater style seating, a coffee shop, fun chairs, lots of light and just overall fun personality and colors everywhere you look.

We did take a meeting in one of the shipping containers and I may or may not have gotten stuck on a beanbag chair.  These things are not good for the old.

We enjoyed a full day of meetings and surprisingly enough, I felt super motivated just by being in that space and being surrounded by all these exciting companies working on changing the world and the future of the tech industry.  Halfway through the day, we made our way out to get lunch at a really delicious meat/butcher/burger place that was absolutely amazing.  I had a little trouble ordering but luckily my teammates helped me out with the ordering since my French is lacking.

After going through our full day of work, we realized that we had stayed way too long in Station F and ended up getting locked in which made for quite the end of day excitement.  When we were able to finally find security to let us out, we decided it was time for dinner and decided to go get Korean food as one does in France…


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