Wandering Paris at night

When we were done with the Eiffel Tower, we started our trek back to the hotel.  It was decently uneventful but the city on a Sunday night was relatively quiet.  It could have been because it was still the tail-end of the holiday season and there wasn’t anything major going on.  People were probably still out and about celebrating the holidays, it was winter but regardless it was incredibly quiet and serene around the entire city.

At one point, we ended up stumbling along a street of designer stores filled to the brim with crazy window displays and light displays.  It was so beautiful and so bright, felt a little bit like I was still wandering Vegas or NYC.  It was wonderful to see but definitely a little aggressive for a late night trek. We decided to walk along there just to check out all the items that we can never afford, especially considering we were surrounded by stores like Dior and Chanel.

That’s what one thing that has always been interesting to me. The amount of designer stores and labels in Paris that are the coolest things to visit are just so baffling to me. At no point in my life will I ever feel like I want to own something designer because I would be terrified of ruining it. I mean, I am a decently messy person and I drop my food on a regular basis so knowing that I would own something super expensive freaks me out. I appreciate all the people who are able to handle owning expensive things but let’s be honest, I will probably lose it or I will end up destroying it on accident.

When we finally got to the end of that street, we eventually found our way back to our hotel and had to walk by a consulate. I know it sounds strange, but I felt incredibly safe with having the armed guards about three blocks down from our hotel. It was terrifying to walk by them but knowing that if anything were to happen, they were there.  But at the same time, it was really unnerving because it made me feel slightly like there was a target in that area. Luckily, nothing happened and it ended up being a pretty great evening.

We got to the hotel, went our separate ways and I settled in for the night by watching some old school TV shows since everything else was in French.  It was a great start to my first night in Paris.


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