The Eiffel Tower – 10 years in the making

If you’ve been reading my adventures for awhile now, you know that I first visited Paris in 2008 on my first ever trip to Europe. That trip to Paris was more than just an adventure but an eye opening experience on how much more of the world I needed to see.  I loved that trip, but ended up being relatively unimpressed with Paris. I think that I had it all hyped up in my head that it was going to be the most beautiful place on earth and people would be so wonderfully lovely.  I had all these ideas in my head of what the experience would look like, almost similar to how Carrie felt in Sex and the City when she moved there.  It was nothing like that. That being said, I still enjoyed Paris for what it was and the food was fantastic.

During our trip there, it was super windy and we had one day that we were planning on going to the Eiffel Tower and going to the top to see the entire city. For whatever reason, the weather was terrible and they closed off the decks so we couldn’t go. I remember sitting in the park looking at the Eiffel Tower and wondering what it would have been like to actually take the elevator ride up to the top of such an iconic structure. But there wasn’t ever a really good time for us to go back and I left Paris without going to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

This time, I wanted to make it happen.  It didn’t matter that it was the middle of winter. It didn’t matter that I was wearing about 4 layers of clothing but had left my gloves at home.  It didn’t matter that it was mildly foggy outside. I was going to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and no one was going to stop me. Luckily, Lauren was down to go so after we were done eating, we started our trek toward the Eiffel Tower and bought our tickets.

We waited in the line which was surprisingly busy for late night on a Sunday, then made our way up the stairs and to the elevator.

One of my goals when seeing the Eiffel Tower has been to be there while it is lit up but also to be there when the twinkling happens. I’m sure there’s some special phrase for what it is called but I love calling it twinkling because it sounds magical. As we were going up the elevators, I looked out though the windows and watched the twinkling happened and it was like the inner child in me died of happiness for a brief moment.  Then was revived and I wanted to run around the entire deck just to see the view.

Overall, this was such a great experience and no part of me is disappointed in the experience. I know that it was overly hyped in my head and it managed to meet expectations. The view from the deck was absolutely unbelievable and breathtaking, even at night and with the fog.  There was this romantic feel to the city and a mystery that seemed to surround Paris from that view point. It was by far one of the best ways to start my Paris trip.

When we were done, we made our way down the elevators and started making our way back to our hotel.


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