Charles de Gaulle to Paris

Once I deplaned at the airport, I made my way out to the main area.  I was officially starting the last week of my trip and the work travel portion of my trip which meant that my traveling would change just slightly.

I didn’t do any research coming to Paris so I wasn’t sure if I was able to use Uber and had was approached by a few people telling me that I would get fined if I used an Uber and I had to take a taxi.  Then they tried to get me out to the taxi line and I got uncomfortable.  So instead I told them I wasn’t looking for an Uber and I just walked away and up the stairs only to make my way back downstairs to another exit where I promptly climbed into a taxi.

What’s so fascinating to me about taxi’s is that the drivers know the cities so well.  You give them an address and they are able to decipher exactly where they need to be or at least how to get there within a block or two.  I cannot imagine knowing a city that well. Granted, I might know Seattle that well but purely based off the food places that I love and using them as landmarks. I had booked a relatively new hotel called Amastan Paris that was near the Champs Elysees so we started our long journey into the city center.

My taxi driver was able to find the hotel even though it took a little bit of time but we got there eventually.  I wandered into the hotel and started the check in process. The hotel is one of the more adorable boutique hotels that I’ve been too.  They did a really good job with the decor in the lobby and in the rooms with muted colors and minimalistic lines.  I actually booked this hotel because I had purchased the Amastan x Away special edition carry on a few months earlier and I had this dream of being able to take a photo with my fancy suitcase in the hotel. But since I was traveling for two weeks before, I didn’t want to carry a suitcase around with me the entire time so that dream is still waiting to be realized.

As I walked up to the reception desk, they knew exactly who I was.  While I was checking in, I realized that I was one of two people staying at the hotel that day.  The other person who was staying at Amastan was my coworker who had gotten in the day before. I have to say that the service at the hotel was wonderful.  I don’t know if it is because there were only two of us staying at the hotel, but regardless it was great.  After checking in, they walked me up to my hotel room and showed me how to use some of the amenities.  Since it’s a relatively newer hotel, I’m actually really pleased that they did that because I was get confused with some of the newer technology they put in the hotels.

When I was done settling in, I made my way down the stairs in preparation to meet up with my friend for dinner and some wandering.


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