Bristol to Paris via Amsterdam

After getting ready, I made my way over to a friends hotel and then we caught a taxi over to the Avon George for the wedding.  It was the most wonderful experience to see my friends get married and do such a great small celebration with them. We also had the most awesome chocolate dessert where it came as a giant hollow ball and then the waiter would pour a hot caramel over the top so that you can could break into the ball.  It was amazing and so incredibly delicious.

The one really cool thing about Avon George is that the ballroom we were hanging out in had this great view of the largest bridge in Bristol.  Unfortunately, they were re-doing some of the outside of the building so there was scaffolding blocking the bridge.  But you could climb out onto the scaffolding to see it and it was beautiful.

As the night went on, it got to a point where I needed to head back to my hotel so that I could repack my life to get ready for the work portion of my trip.  I caught a taxi back and then made my way back to my room.  The next morning, I woke up super early and caught a cab to the Bristol airport (which is decently far from the center of the city). The thing about the Bristol airport is that it is a decent sized airport but they don’t do a very good job of sharing when you need to be at your gate and where your gate is.  I ended up pacing the airport and the eventually hunkering down in front of a board waiting for them to announce my gate for my flight to Amsterdam.

They ended up announcing my flight about 10 minutes before we were supposed to board so I ended up running to my gate and then we were delayed slightly since they announced so late. We finally boarded the plane and then I made my way to Amsterdam. There aren’t any direct flights from Bristol to Paris so I had to make a stop in Amsterdam before I could finally start my work week.

I got to Amsterdam, hung out in the lounge for a bit and then eventually made my way to Paris where I ended up at Charles de Gaulle, my least favorite airport of all time….


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