Review – Vessi Footwear (waterproof sneakers!)

Recently I decided to take a chance on a pair of waterproof sneakers.  They look exactly like Nikes or Adidas in my personal opinion with a minor flair here and there that is different.  It’s just enough difference that they can get away with it but let’s be honest, most sneakers nowadays are starting to look alike to me and I can hardly tell the difference outside of the logos.

I think that the wonders of the internet brought me down some dark hole that eventually led me to some advertisement or commercial for them. To be honest, probably with my random surfing of Kickstarter and constant lookout for waterproof items, the internet decided to target me with these shoes and I am 100% okay with it.

I took a gamble and bought these shoes direct from Vessi’s website. I had missed their Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign so it was just like a regular retailer for me at this point. It did say that they were pre-orders and would be delivered mid to late July. I was okay with this because Seattle doesn’t stat raining until fall anyway so I had plenty of time for these shoes to show up.

I have to be honest, I got a little over zealous with the purchasing and bought two pairs because I couldn’t decide which color I liked better and so I splurged on two pairs. It is excessive, I admit it and I own it. I bought the shoes then promptly forgot about them for the next 8 weeks because there was no additional communication or update about when the shoes would be shipped. I did get the occasional reminder via some advertisement about the shoe but the thoughts were fleeting.

At one point I did tell a few people about how excited I was to be getting waterproof sneakers and surprisingly enough, they all doubted the shoe.  And for whatever reason, I had fallen into the trap of the marketing and hadn’t done more than a few video views on the waterproof capability of the shoe.  Usually I will do deep research and make sure that the product is actually something I want to purchase because I believe in it. For some reason, I didn’t do the same due diligence this time around and just splurged. I think deep down, I really liked the shoes regardless of whether they were actually water proof.  I liked the way they looked and I was sold. Looking back I really took a gamble on the shoe, the comfort, the waterproof claims and even the size.

I finally got the shipment notification and I will tell you now that as of July/August 2018 – this was the worst customer service experience I have ever had. Same with DHL. I got a delivery notification from DHL and Vessi saying that the shoes had arrived and were dropped off at my mailbox in my apartment building. In a period of 5 hours the boxes went missing. But here’s the thing, I live in a mixed use building with banks, salons, coffee shops and retail stores that are open during the day. The shoes arrived at noon and I got home at 5pm, which all fall within opening hours of every business in the building that has full visibility of our front door. I spent the next 5 days chasing DHL who claimed that the driver dropped off the shoes at the mailbox in the lobby, working with my building management to view security footage (that found nothing about a DHL delivery or stolen packages), and chasing Vessi via email, Twitter and Instagram to get zero response from them.

While I understand that after the shipment got into the hands of DHL, it was their responsibility to get me my package, I wanted acknowledgement from Vessi. They were active on all of their social media accounts and refused to respond to me to even just let me know there was a person on the other end. It was terrible.

A few days later, my shoes miraculously appeared at my door step.

The first thing I did when I got my shoes was to run them underneath the sink to check if they were actually waterproof and they are. I haven’t tested them in rain yet but to have the faucet turn on them for a solid 30 seconds and not have any water go through the shoe – it was wonderful.  In fact you can actually see the water run off the shoe which is amazing.  The shoes are super comfortable, super lightweight and adorable in person.

The only complaint I have is that they are a little difficult to put on.  The hole for your foot is not excessively large and the laces are more for decoration so you don’t have a lot of leeway in terms of adjusting where you insert your foot. Otherwise, I am so happy with my shoe. I highly recommend these to anyone!


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