Mrs. Potts Chocolate House, Bristol, UK

As I got back to the city center of Bristol, I started making my way back up to the university area.  I saw some adorable coffee shops there and there was one more Banksy that I could see on the way to getting a snack.  I started walking up the street and actually had to back track a couple of times because I kept missing the actual painting itself.  It was a picture of a naked man hanging from one of the windows but it isn’t the most obvious of paintings there until you see it then you can’t miss it.

After finding it, I made my way up the street and eventually stopped an adorable coffee shop called “Mrs. Potts Chocolate House.”

This was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made.  After staring at the pastries and the offerings that they had, I finally made a decision to get the chocolate pudding and  hot chocolate.  Considering it was called a “chocolate house” I felt like I needed to make sure I got chocolate.  If you ever find yourself here, I highly recommend you go so that you can experience the wonderful chocolate options that they have.  I settled into a table and enjoyed my mid-day snack while reading my Kindle.

I have to admit that sometimes, when you’re sitting by yourself in a coffee shop eating and reading on your own, it can be a bit lonely but I knew that this was officially my last day of vacation so I needed to make full use of the time that I had to just chill and relax.

When I finally devoured all of the food that I had ordered, it was about time to get back and get ready for the wedding reception so I wandered back to my hotel to get ready.


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