St. Nicholas Market, Bristol, UK

My friend had told me that I needed to check out St. Nicholas Market for food. There were plenty of good restaurants around the city center but she told me that there were a bunch of food vendors and food stalls around St. Nicholas Market. Plus it’s basically an indoor flea market with lots of different things to see.  So I decided that this would be where I get my lunch and I started my trek. I got so lucky in terms of where I decided to book my hotel because I was within walking distance of all the hustle and bustle of Bristol which was amazing. I walked up some streets and found St. Nicholas Market relatively easily. I mean, there’s a giant banner announcing that you’ve arrived at St. Nicholas Market.

I have to admit, that my only plan for this specific part of my day was to get lunch and take it back to my hotel to eat. I mean, if I found a good restaurant to eat at then I would eat the restaurant but I was pretty tired and I knew that I would have the entire next day to explore Bristol. Since I’m not a very relaxed traveler and I have a tendency to spend a large portion of my day walking, this was really my only day to just chill and I wanted to take advantage of it. I probably could have taken the next day to also chill but then that would mean I didn’t get to see Bristol so I would just use this afternoon.

I wandered St. Nicholas and it’s surrounding streets, checking out the various vendors, the flea market offerings, the artwork and the food vendors.  I wanted to make sure I knew all of my options before deciding on what to eat for lunch.

There weren’t that many options, but I think it was because it was the middle of winter and around 2pm so people were not necessarily out and about looking for food.  Plus it was super cold so eating at a food vendor outside was probably not appealing to anyone.

I decided to settle on some Chinese food from a food stall vendor called Chili Daddy.  It was actually Szechuan food and looking it up now, it was the first  Szechuan food stall in the UK.  I ordered the beef hot pot and made my way back to my hotel.  Of course, I definitely stopped at a local coop to get some snacks (sour cream and onion Pringles because those are my go to snacks when I travel) for the room. I got back to my hotel, settled into bed and ate my beef hot pot.

It was delicious.  It was super flavorful and just the right amount of spiciness. I think that I am a little biased because it was a solid 35 degrees outside when I was walking back from St. Nicholas Market so I was definitely very cold and any sort of really warm food was going to be welcomed and appreciated.

I will admit that when I am in the UK, I love being able to try all foods because I have been there enough times that I feel like I’ve had enough British breakfasts (blood sausages, grilled tomatoes, etc) and fish and chips to last a lifetime. So I am always a bit more willing to branch out and check out the other foods.  Especially because the UK, and more specifically London, are melting pots of cultures and have drawn people from all over so there are some things that are just better.  For example, I always have to eat Indian food when I am in the UK.  It is just so good and better than most any place I can go to in the States.

When I finally finished off my noodles and I felt fat and happy, I napped for a little bit and then got ready for dinner.


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