Update on goals

A little over a month ago, I created new goals for myself that I wanted to stick with.  This was in addition to the goals I have for 2018 and was supposed to be more of a short term challenge to help improve my own personal health and mental health.  Here’s an update on how those short term goals have gone.

  • Hitting my step goal: So far, I have officially gone 30 days and hit my step goal every single day.  11,000 steps is difficult to do and it has been both a physical and mental challenge.  I’ve taken to walking 4 miles home from work five days a week when I can because it gives me about 8-9K steps per day.  In addition to that, I may bring my lunch to work but I’ll still go with my teammates out to lunch just so I can get the steps in.  I’ve noticed myself taking the long way to the kitchen at work or the bathroom and I’ve definitely become less efficient with my routes so that I can get those extra 10 to 15 steps per trip. It’s an interesting trade off but I’m in a mindset right now that every single step counts and I am determined to hit that step goal every day. Along with that, I’ve taken to traveling with my running shoes and sacrificing sleep so that I can guarantee myself some extra steps.  I can officially say that I’ve run in LA, Santa Barbara and Victoria.  Next up, San Francisco. The official verdict, this is hard. When I am in Seattle working my usual day and following my usual routine while the city has great weather, it’s been easier.  But as soon as anything changes in my routine such as having dinner plans, rain or travel – it gets so much harder to achieve my step goal.  I’ve taken to pacing airports and hotel rooms just to make sure I can get to my 11,000 steps.  Once I hit my 60 day goal, I’ll need to find a way to hit 12,000 steps every day.
  • Healthy eating: I’ve been cooking!  As you’ve seen through other posts, I’ve taken to cooking and packing my own lunch.  I’m working on saving money so when I go with my coworkers to lunch, I make sure I don’t bring any money so that I don’t get tempted to not eat the food I’ve brought.  I want to make sure that I am maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially as my travel schedule picks up, I want to make sure my life at home is healthy. Next up, figuring out how to stay decently healthy while on the road.  If anyone has any tips for this, please let me know because it is definitely a struggle for me.

Overall verdict, I am going to continue trying to hit my step goal every single day.  I have to admit that I am super happy no one lives below me because otherwise they’d have to hear my pacing most days that I am barely about to hit my step goal.  I will walk laps around my apartment just to get those extra steps.  I honestly don’t know if I can continue hitting my step goal every single day, but I will continue to try.  There are some days it will be difficult like cross country flight days or if I am sick but I will continue to try.  I also need more recipes so that I can continue to make food for my lunches at work. It’s hard, but I feel mentally healthier and happier.  I wonder if I am getting a little addicted to the feeling but I’m loving it. So here’s to more and more healthy habits!


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