Dubrovnik, away from the city

As I stood in front of the private beach of the hotel, I realized that the hotel was basically shut down for the holiday season.  All of their furniture had been put away and there was no one around.  I continued walking around the property to see what I could find and it was definitely not a hotel that was run throughout the holiday season.  The windows were dark and the pathway ended up being unkept.  There was mud everywhere from the rain the previous day so I decided to head closer to the water.

There was a dock with a couple of people who were feeding the fish that were under the dock.  And by feeding, I don’t mean just throwing little crumbs of food into the water.  By feeding, I mean, there were two older ladies throwing what looked like whole loaves of bread into the water. It was actually really funny to walk along the dock and see the giant pieces of bread just floating in the water, especially when I saw just how small the fish actually were.  They were tiny black fish, about the size of guppies and honestly a crumb of bread would probably be enough for a meal because of how tiny these fish were.  But the ladies seemed happy enjoying their conversation unloading loaves of bread into the water so I didn’t question it.  In fact, maybe they were onto something but whatever it was, I didn’t understand.

I walked away from the dock and eventually found a tiny private beach just a few hundred feet away.  There were some stairs that led down to it and it had just enough sand for maybe 5 people to lay on, the waves were crashing in on the rocks around it and it was so peaceful.  I sat down and stared out into the water contemplating life.  Actually, I don’t think I contemplated life, I just took in the sights around me and the fact that there was no one around.  I had my headphones in at this point and it was just one of those peaceful moments that I treasure.  I don’t have moments like this very often so it was great to be sitting by the Adriatic just alone with my thoughts and watching the sun move along the coast. Eventually the sun started to set and I decided to head back to my hotel.

To be honest, if you find yourself in Dubrovnik, go find this part of the city.  It’s so far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.  If you decided to stay over here and trek out to Old Town, it would definitely be a trek but you could probably grab a taxi or Uber from there.  It was wonderful to find that portion of the city after checking out Old Town because you could see the contrast of the tourist part of the city as compared to the less traveled path. Especially seeing the women feeding the fish, it felt more like the local area of Dubrovnik. There probably isn’t as much to do over there outside of some wandering, but it’s quiet and honestly probably more beautiful than the Old Town.  There were no cars around and the closest road was probably a 7 minute walk away.  Even if you don’t stay in that area, try to make sure you find time to go out there and you’ll find a nice area to get to yourself for a bit if you need some relaxation time.

I made the trek back to my hotel and settled in for the night.  I had to wake up decently early the next morning to catch my flight to the UK.


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