Carnivals in the bay

I don’t think there is an actual name for where my hotel was located but it was a little bit of a bay away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.  I keep calling it a bay but maybe it’s more of a large alcove.  Regardless, it was nice and quiet as compared to the rest of the city and definitely a lot less people.

After getting out of the cable car, I started my walk back to my hotel going along the same general path I had walked earlier.  There wasn’t anything ridiculously too eventful about my walk back to my hotel. I contemplated stopping by a stand along the side of the road to get a snack but every time I passed on, they were either closed or had zero snacks so I was feeling a bit defeated.

I eventually found myself at my hotel and decided to check out what was happening at the water.  I could hear loud noises and decided to go investigate.  What did I find? A full on carnival.  Okay, maybe not a full on carnival, but there were rides and it looked like a mini fair for kids.  It was actually very impressive because it was not there the night before so they had managed to set it up quite quickly.  There was a merry go-round, a mini roller coaster, bumper cars and loud music playing.  There were even carnival games for the kids to be playing.  It was impressive and very festive.  Since I was getting back relatively later in the day, there were not a lot of people and I’m assuming it had been a bit more festive during the day. After checking out the fair, I decided to head back to the hotel and then I saw this path that went from my hotel and disappeared around a bend.

So I decided to follow it and eventually came around a curve and saw that this path led along the coastline of the bay and went quite far so I continued.  I followed the path along the back sides of hotels, through relatively abandoned areas, through some mild construction zones and then through the back parking lot of a hotel and eventually ended up at a private beach for another hotel.  This is where I decided to chill for a little bit and observe this other part of Dubrovnik.


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