Overlooking Dubrovnik, Croatia

I walked back to the building at the top of the hill and wandered into the restaurant looking for some food to snack on.  I ended up getting seated a table away from the windows which was unfortunate but I could deal.  I was given a menu and promptly told that the kitchen was actually closed for the holiday season so I could either have something from the bar or the pastry counter. I looked at the options and decided up on a hot chocolate (yes, obsessed if you couldn’t tell) and a piece of chocolate cake.  Apparently I really like chocolate.

After my chocolate cake and hot chocolate arrived, one of the couples sitting by the window ended up leaving and the waiter offered me a chance to move over to the window.  It was very kind of him to think of that and I gladly took him up on the offer.

The way that the restaurant is laid out, all the tables face out over the Adriatic Sea so if you can get lucky and get a table by the window, it is definitely a few to remember and one to treasure. I have to admit that while the view was absolutely amazing, and even though it was only about 55 degrees outside, I was blazing hot sitting in the window and definitely needed to wear my sunglasses.  But otherwise, it was a great spot and I loved being able to eat my cake and look out over the city. I decided that I wanted to really enjoy my experience so I pulled out my Kindle and started reading like I was in a coffee shop back home.  It was a great little afternoon relaxation moment.

The waiter actually came over and chatted with me a bit.  He was super friendly and shared with me information about Dubrovnik, some of the history and some fun facts on the difference in the city between the holidays and their standard tourist season.  He did tell me that even though the kitchen was closed, it was better to check out Dubrovnik during the off season because I could actually get a feel for what the city was like without all the tourists.  I could actually get a chance to experience some of the characteristics that give it the quaint feel that gets lost during the main tourist season.  But, obviously don’t get him wrong because there is nothing like Dubrovnik in the summer when you can go diving and swimming in the Adriatic Sea all day long because of how warm the water is. Plus there are more food options open during the tourist season.

After finishing my cake, my hot chocolate and getting a decent amount of reading down, I finally packed up my belongings and made my way back to the cable car to make my way back down the mountain.  Realistically, I should have walked back down since the weather was so beautiful and I had literally just consumed a million calories in sugar and chocolate – but I paid for that roundtrip ticket on the tram so I was going to use it. I rode the tram back down the hill and decided that it was time to start making my way back to my side of Dubrovnik and started walking.


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