Morning Routines

Have I shared my morning routine before? I probably have but I have to admit that I’ve made some minor adjustments and it’s been great.  Recently I’ve seen an influx of articles posted about how to better de-stress your morning and start off on the right foot. So I thought that I’d share mine because mine seems to work for me.

I wake up at 5:45AM every week day to make sure I can get a solid hour before I make my way off to work.  My morning includes drinking a glass of water, drinking a cup of coffee to get things moving, yoga and reading.  I know it sounds like a lot to do before getting to work but it really actually calms me.  I start off my day with the obvious hygiene items but it is always followed by somewhere between 5-15 minutes of yoga stretching. It helps wake up my muscles and get my blood flowing which is great.  I make sure to drink a cup of water to help combat the fact that I didn’t consume any water for 8 hours while I was asleep.  Then I make sure to do all my skincare activities and pick out my outfit.

After getting dressed and making sure I go through my entire skincare routine, I make a cup of coffee and sit down next to the window with it open to get some fresh air and read.  It’s weird that I open my window so I can read with the fresh air but it’s nice because I keep my windows closed at night so it’s nice to get some true fresh air. Plus the mornings are brisk so it helps wake me up and prevents me from getting too comfortable.

I also make sure I read every morning before I go to work. It’s nice to read something I’m super interested in that is purely for my enjoyment instead of work related.

About 10 minutes before leaving for work, I make sure to wash my dishes so that I can have a clean sink when I get home and then I pack my bag and leave for work.

I always make sure I don’t look at emails, social media or text messages until I get to work. Sometimes, I will check to see who texted me in the morning but it’s more out of curiosity and I’ll make sure I don’t respond until I get to the office.  I do this because it makes it so that the first hour and a half to two hours of my are essentially internet free (minus Spotify).  It means that the time before work is mine and no one else’s and no one gets to distract me from getting focused and ready for work. Plus, it means that I can get to work knowing I did some self-improvement and self-focus before focusing on my job.  It’s nice to know that I have time dedicated to myself regardless of how busy work is.

Do you have any standard routines that you do?


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