Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia

I decided that the first task I needed to do in Dubrovnik was go find a magnet for mom. I knew that if I didn’t do it now, I would forget to get it so I made it my first priority. So I went to find a trinket shop and found mom a magnet. I ended up finding one for my mom but it definitely wasn’t one I would have wanted to give her.  I have this thing about the magnets that I bring home.  I want them to be ones that I would proudly display on my own fridge and I want them to represent something I did or somewhere I went, not just a fake sunset photo over the skyline or something that’s drawn on. That being said, the options were incredibly limited so I settled on one and bought it. I don’t remember exactly what it was but I was less than impressed with the choice that I made.

After that, I spent the rest of my time walking through the streets of Old Town.  Even though there were significantly more tourists there than I had encountered almost anywhere else so far on this trip, Old Town was still incredibly quiet.  The thing that’s super interesting about this specific location is that there are actually quite a few people who live in Old Town and there are actually hostels that people can stay in there.  I didn’t see that anywhere else (the hostels) and so it was interesting to see people trying to pull their suitcases through the cobblestone streets.  It was also interesting to see so many “for rent” signs around the buildings. I later learned that there are actually quite a few vacancies in the homes around Old Town because they are usually booked up during the summer and people can make enough money during that time to cover the cost of their home throughout the year just in those few months.

As I wandered, I took my time checking things out because I really wanted to make sure I took it all in. I actually ended up finding this little door way in the wall along the water that you could go through and it led to the rocks just outside of the wall.  Probably not the safest place to go wandering too but I decided to check it out and see what it had to offer.  It would have been a cool little place to relax just on the outside of the Old Town walls and stare out into the Adriatic Sea but it looked like a place where people went to go drinking and litter.  There was trash every where and empty bottles littered along the rocks so I decided it wasn’t where I wanted to spend my day. So I climbed back through the tiny doorway and continued my way around Old Town.

To be honest, I could have easily finished walking through Old Town in about 20 minutes if I had only wanted to see the main sights but I decided to walk through every street, every nook and every alleyway I could find.  The streets along the wall that line the city are actually significantly higher than the rest of Old Town so you can get a really great view of the famous red roof tops with the backdrop of the Adriatic Sea.

If you find yourself in Old Town, Dubrovnik, I highly recommend taking some time to sit down on a patio of a restaurant and enjoy people watching after you walk through the town.  There really isn’t much to do there and after walking through it, eating is really the only other option you have.

I personally didn’t sit down for food because of all the smokers (I really cannot deal with it) and grabbed, yet another, hot dog and made my way outside of the city.  I decided it was time to try out the cable car ride that takes you up to the top of the mountain that overlooks Dubrovnik.


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