One week check in

I have been at the step goal test for about a week now, or just over a week and I thought it’d be good to do a quick check in.

First off, man it is hard to make sure you hit your step goal every day unless you make it something super manageable. Don’t get me wrong 11,000 steps a day is actually super manageable for someone who is super active but as a person who has a love-love relationship with their couch and an impressive ability to fall asleep on the couch at any hour of the day – 11,000 steps a day is difficult for me. I’ve been at it for 6 days and here are my observations so far:

  • I don’t feel any different.
  • That’s a lie. I feel more pressure to hit my goal because I don’t want to fail at a goal I set for myself so I actually feel incredibly more stressed as compared to normal.
  • I am consistently checking my fitbit on a regular basis, almost compulsively to make sure I hit my goal.  It’s become a bad habit almost.
  • Physically I don’t feel any different.
  • I am drinking more water so I do feel more hydrated (does this mean that my previous bullet is a lie too? I should stop lying). But let’s be honest, I’m drinking more water so that I can be convinced to walk to the bathroom more often during the work day so I can get another 100 steps in between my desk and the bathroom.
  • I’ve found strangely creative ways to make sure I hit my step goal.  This has been a test in my creativity and my ability to justify doing strange things. I purposely put my food in the kitchen instead of the fridge my desk area so that I can walk an extra 75 steps there in the morning and at lunch.  I am actually washing my tupperware at work which, actually means I’m saving money because it’s less water for me at home. Who knew that trying to actually maintain my step goal would be saving me money?
  • Working from home stresses me out now. The first day I worked from home after setting this goal, I ended up walking laps around my tiny apartment while carrying my laptop so that I could hit my step goal. It’s a good thing my apartment is tiny and my wifi is stable. Granted, I do wish I had  bigger apartment so my laps weren’t as repetitive but this is what I did. Let’s just say it took a solid 4 hours of walking around with my laptop to hit my step goal. This is the ultimate lazy way of hitting my step goal cause I could have easily left my apartment to go for a run but I didn’t.
  • I calculate everything I’m doing in a matter of steps and will purposely go out of my way to do things so I can get my steps in.  I’ve been trying to bring my lunch to work (see bullet about the kitchen) but I will still walk with my coworkers to get their food so I can get my steps in. I will follow them around Whole Foods like a lost puppy while they get their food, provide them input on what they should eat, and then leave Whole Foods empty handed as I then go back to the office to warm up my lunch from the kitchen.
  • I am taking the stairs more often than the elevator because it means that I can get more steps in.
  • I purposely schedule my meetings on different floors so that I can justify walking further to them during the work day.
  • I am less efficient in my morning routine so that I have to do more walking before I leave for work. Yes, it’s weird but it adds an extra 10 or 15 steps which can make a difference.
  • I actually get motion sick trying to read and walk (see bullet on the laptop and walking). I don’t recommend this.

But, with all these strange habits, I am still pretty pleased with the fact that I have kept up with my step goal so far.  6 days down, let’s see how I do for the remainder of the 24.


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