Fort Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik

The first place that I decided that I stop by when I got to Dubrovnik was Fort Lovrijenac. It is on the outside of the Old Town walls and I thought that I might as well go there before spending the bulk of my time in Old Town. I wanted to get all of the Game of Thrones locations out of the way before I did anything else because I assumed that as more people started showing up, those specific locations would be bombarded with people because it’s Game of Thrones.

Fort Lovrijenac is a popular location for filming from my understanding.  I believe it is the location for one of the tournaments in Kings Landing and then has been the location for the Red Keep.  You actually have to pay to go into Fort Lovrijenac which is something I did not know when I showed up.

My journey to find this place was quite easy and I think I took the back way up to the fortress.  I found a sign just outside of the Old Town walls and started following them and it ended up in a tiny little bay at the base of the fort with a bunch of stairs that eventually led up to the entrance of the fort in a round about way.  The bay was absolutely adorable because it was super tiny but the water was the clearest turquoise water I’ve ever seen.  There were small rowboats there and I can definitely see it as a location for where people would be swimming and enjoying the water during the summer months. I climbed the stairs and eventually ended up at the entrance to the fortress where I paid a decent chunk of change to get in.

I know that Croatia as a whole is decently priced but man, Dubrovnik was expensive. But what I did learn is that the entrance fee for the fort gets you a discount if you wanted to climb the walls of Old Town and vice versa.  If I had a ticket for the walls, then I would have gotten a discount on the entrance fee for the fort but I had no plans to climb the walls so I let it go.

To be honest, there isn’t much to see in the fortress.  It has some good views but it took me about 10 minutes to walk through it at a snails pace and check out the views.  There aren’t a lot of things to see and it’s pretty barren.

The views of Old Town are great from the top of the fort but you can only take in so much of those views before you decide that you need to be inside of those walls and see Old Town up close and personal. After walking through the fort, covering the entire thing, I found myself at the entrance and started back down the stairs to go back to the city center.


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