Walking to Old Town, Dubrovnik

The next morning I woke up early, grabbed breakfast at the restaurant in my hotel. It was quite the spread of food and if you find yourself at this hotel – you will not be disappointed in the food options. They had one of the largest breakfast spreads I’ve seen in awhile, so  much so that I wasn’t entirely sure what to eat so I stuck with my standard European breakfast of meat, tomatoes and cheese.  Yes.  This is my standard breakfast when I am in Europe. Don’t judge.

After I was done with my food, I decided it was time to actually go out and see Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik was a funny location for me because for whatever reason I had no information on this city when I decided to book my trip.  All I knew was that Old Town was where Kings Landing from Game of Thrones is located. Otherwise, I had no true idea of what was there and for some reason I decided to book the most amount of days there out of my entire trip.  To be honest, I think that the flights probably dictated the reason for my “extended” stay there and looking back, I realize now that the flights coming in and out of Dubrovnik are incredibly limited during the winter. But, when I had landed in Zagreb, my Uber driver told me that I could probably see everything in Dubrovnik in about 3 hours and after that, it would be limited on things I could do.  If I had shown up during the summer, then it would have been a different story because then I could go swimming, diving, etc but winter time was not really that interesting. So I’m glad that I was able to use up one of my days going to Montenegro but it meant that I needed to find a way to fill up the last full day that I had.

As you might remember, I had actually decided not to stay in the center of the city and was relatively far away in a different bay. Luckily, it was walkable and so I started my trek to Old Town. There are small signs all along the way that tell you which direction you need to be headed and since the overall city is pretty decently laid out, it was easy to just start walking in the direction of Old Town knowing that I would hit it eventually.

Prior to leaving my hotel, I had actually marked all of the Game of Thrones locations on my Google Maps. I didn’t want to pay for a tour because I had heard that the tours are less than impressive so I decided I would make my own tour so that meant that I just need to find the locations on my own.

As I started my journey, I made my way through the neighborhoods of Dubrovnik and eventually found myself walking along the coastline of the city and it was the most beautiful thing I had seen in awhile.  The sun was shining on the Adriatic Sea and showing off just how beautiful the coast was.  As you walk along this path, it is some of the most beautiful sites I’ve seen and they’ve set up benches all along the walk so that you can stop and just stare out into the water and soak up the beauty.

The overall walk to get to Old Town is about 45 minutes from the hotel I was staying at and, it was one of the best decisions I could have made.  I was glad that I got the chance to actually see another side of Dubrovnik.  A side that is significantly quieter and full of cool architecture.  There were hardly any cars driving by when I walked by various buildings and I hardly passed anyone of my walk.  It was just me, my headphones and the structure of the city.

I eventually found myself outside of the city wall of Old Town and it was time to start my personalized Game of Thrones tour.


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