Montenegro bus tour, overall thoughts

After boarding the bus, we started our drive back from Budva to Dubrovnik. What’s great is that while it took us awhile to get across the Bay of Kotor because we took the road, they decided to put us on the ferry to get back which cuts down the journey to about 30 minutes. It’s not a typical ferry. It’s literally just a flat barge that opens up on both sides and cars drive on and off and it takes you across the bay.  I think they charge like 15 EURO or something like that.  I’ve been on a train on a ferry before but it still never ceases to amaze me to see something so big sitting on top of a boat just gliding through water.  I know it’s ridiculous and we know that boats can handle it but when you’re sitting that high up there in a bus staring over the edge of the boat as the bay disappears behind you, it’s fascinating.  Especially when it’s in the dark because in the middle of the bay it’s basically pure darkness except for the small lights on the barge you’re traveling on and it feels like you’re in the middle nowhere. When you get to the other side, all the cars drive off and you’re on your merry way.

After the drive back from Montenegro, we got back to Dubrovnik and I ended up boarding a smaller bus to get dropped at my hotel. It’s always awkward as a single traveler, both domestically and internationally, when you get in a vehicle and since you’re the loner you have to sit in the front seat. I get this all the time in my Lyft Line and Uber Pools, mainly because I have the worst luck and am usually the last one to get picked up for whatever reason. But I got the honor of being the last person to be dropped off after Montenegro so they put me in the front seat of the van which was awkward but whatever. It was late in the day at that point, I didn’t really care anymore. I was tired and I was more than ready to go back to my hotel and just recuperate.

One thing to remember is that I get pretty motion sick so I take the 24 hour dramamine when I travel which is the less drowsy formula.  It actually works really well for me but no matter what, there is always a period of time that I need a minimum of 15 minutes to nap. It does not matter whether I’m in the car, an airplane, a bus, or a boat and it definitely doesn’t matter that it is a less drowsy formula. I have to nap for 15 minutes and then I’m good.  Since I was traveling by myself, I didn’t necessarily feel comfortable napping on the bus so I felt weird by the time we got back to Dubrovnik.

But, back to the main point of this specific post. I want to provide some thoughts on the tour that I did.

Overall, I would highly recommend it. I found my tour through Trip Advisor which led me to Viator and they actually have quite a few different options with the partner website.  It was super easy to book, relatively cheap and an overall great deal. It was nice to be on an English speaking tour because then I could learn all the fun facts about where we were going and the fact that they pick up from your hotel is a major plus. I’m glad I didn’t need to find myself at another location to get picked up and dropped off.  The tour guide was super nice and had a lot of great recommendations for us for food and things to see.  He was super knowledgeable and the driver was great too.  It was nice to know that there was someone else who could take care of all customs stuff for us.  Obviously you need to make sure your passport allows you to get into Montenegro but it was nice to have them worry about the actual conversations with the border patrol.

Also, one thing to keep in mind – when you look at the entry requirements of Montenegro, they state that you need to register with the local police within 24 hours of arriving in Montenegro.  From my understanding, if you are staying at a hotel or an actual establishment – they will take care of that for you.  If you aren’t, make sure you do this because if you do get stopped it can cause problems. That being said, if you go via the day tour that I did where you are there for less than 24 hours – you don’t need to worry about it.  At no point in time did I need to worry about it and I believe it was because we weren’t there for more than 24 hour hours.

Overall, if you’re looking for a quick day trip to Montenegro and you find yourself in Dubrovnik, I highly recommend this tour. Just be prepared to walk up at 730AM, have some good walking shoes and maybe some snacks.


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