Kotor – Old Town – Wandering on my own

After our guided tour, we had about an hour left over to wander our on own.  So I thought that this was the best time to go find magnets for my mom and then actually let myself get lost in Kotor.  But there was one thing I absolutely needed to do before I could go on a hunt for a magnet worthy of my mother.

There were stairs along the backside of Old Town that led up the mountain to a church.  We were told that it was about a 20 minute walk up the stairs and you can get a full view of the entire city out to the water from there.  According to all the guides, this was the best view of Kotor that you could get. That being said, we were also advised not to actually do this walk because the stairs get super slippery in the rain and since it had been raining nonstop for a few hours, it would be super dangerous.

As someone who has been living in Seattle, I thought that this warning did not apply to me. So I started walking toward the back of Old Town until I found the start of the stairs up the side of the mountain.

As a Seattle-ite, I thought that I was in the proper shoes for rain and cobblestone steps. I thought that I have plenty of experience walking in the rain. I am careful.

These, in retrospect, are all stupid thoughts.  I started up the stairs which I quickly realized did not have any banisters or anything to hold onto.  I also quickly realized that there was no one around. And by no one, I legitimately mean no one.  No one else had tried to climb the stairs, no one else was a the top of the mountain, I couldn’t see anyone at the church and there was no one behind me. But instead, I continued on my journey up the stairs.  I managed to get up to about 20 steps when I realized that uneven cobblestone steps really were not a good thing to be climbing when they were slippery.  So I finally had some common sense and decided to turn around and start back down to go wander Old Town.

And then I fell. I slid down about 5 steps on my butt and managed to pop up immediately after. It was like those moments when I would go snowboarding and you slide for such a long period of time that you can actually get your feet back underneath you and pop back up. It was amazing and I wish someone could have seen it. Actually no. I take that back. I am so happy no one saw me slide down the stairs.

I managed to get down the rest of the steps without any issues except my bruised ego, my soaked pants and a few scrapes on the heels of my hands.

I continued on my journey around Old Town, walking very cautiously and being terrified of slipping on anything else the rest of the time that I was wandering around. I’m pretty sure people who walked by me thought that I was being a bit overly cautious on where I was stepping but it was better to be cautious that sitting down in a puddle which would have been the second time that day.

I eventually found myself a trinket shop, one of the few that were actually open, and purchased a magnet for my mom.  After that, I decided it was time to leave Old Town and check out the rest of Kotor before heading back to the bus.


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