Kotor – Old Town, guided tour

After leaving Our Lady of the Rocks, we made our way to Kotor. We had been driving for quite a few hours at this point so it was almost time for food but the guide suggested we wait until Budva before we eat since there were more options there. So we stood under the awning of a building waiting for our giant charter bus to come and grab us, then we reloaded onto the bus and headed out toward Kotor. The first part of the time that we had in Kotor was going to be a guided tour around Old Town.  As you’re probably aware, more cities have some form of an Old Town. They eventually all start to look and feel the same but it’s cool.

We parked our charter bus, learned the exact location of where we would be picked up and then made our way as a giant group to Old Town. There we received giant paper maps that had to be immediately packed into our bags because they were going to be useless in pouring rain and began our tour. The guide was great because he was able to provide lots of information on the history of Kotor and the architecture.  In addition, he knew all the little shops, churches and buildings we could hide in for a bit to try and get out of the rain for just a second. I have to admit, I didn’t really enjoy the tour because it was hard to hear with the rain, and we were all soaked.  I wanted to get lost in Old Town on my own and wander.  We did check out some really cool churches but what was interesting is that none of them were heated and it was about definitely less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside so I was surprised that there were people hanging out in the churches without heaters.  Granted, they did all seem very bundled up so they were probably toasty and the fact that they weren’t soaked to the skin probably helped out the situation.

The overall guided tour would have been great had the weather been better.  I think I would have been able to process and learn a lot more information regarding Old Town and Kotor but it’s okay. He tried his best. He did show us some really great buildings plus the giant Christmas tree in the middle of Old Town.  He also provided some great insights on where we should check out when we were done with the guided portion of the tour.

After we were done with our tour, we ended up on the top of some stairs looking out over the boats parked on the other side of the wall.  By this point, the weather was clearing up, the sun was starting to come out and the rain was finally stopping.  We had about another hour to hang out and explore the rest of Kotor on our own so I started wandering around.


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