Dubrovnik to Montenegro

Remember when I said I don’t like doing tours? Well, I don’t but I will do them if provides me new opportunities to visit places outside of a main city. In this case, it was a tour for me to leave Dubrovnik and Croatia. I decided to book a tour to go check out a few cities in Montenegro. I was so excited that I had found this tour because it was only offered a few days a week and luckily, it happened to be the time that I was in Dubrovnik so I was going to go check it out.

I was picked up from the front of my hotel at 730AM and then we collected the rest of the tour group and proceeded on our way south.  We eventually ended up at the border between Croatia and Montenegro.

Our tour guide told us that sometimes in the peak season, people can wait up to 6 hours to get across the border but luckily we only had to wait about 30 minutes.  It’s actually an interesting process because we had to give our passports to the guide and they would take it to the border patrol then magically come back to us with them stamped and ready to go.  We eventually made it through the border and then stopped at a gas station so that people could grab snacks and use the restroom before we started our way into Montenegro.

It was actually really interesting because the place where the gas station was located was actually in basically some unincorporated land between Croatia and Montenegro but it was past the border patrol of Montenegro which is interesting because technically the border was still actually a few minutes south of the border patrol. Regardless, this place was beautiful because it was in the middle of the mountains and there was this beautiful fog that had rolled through just around the middle of the mountains so you could see things over the fog and just underneath it but it was like the fog decided to censor just a bit of the landscape.

When the snacks were purchased, bathrooms were visited, and people got back on the bus – we began making our way into Montenegro.  First stop, Our Lady of the Rocks in Kotor Bay.


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