Driving into Dubrovnik

Once I grabbed my Uber, we drove down the one and only road that goes rom the airport directly to Dubrovnik.  Yes, one and only main road.  Apparently in the summer season, it can get ridiculous because if there’s an accident or anything then it can cause the entire route to be backed up. But the amazing thing about this road is that as you’re driving into Dubrovnik, it is along the coastline and eventually as you get close to Old Town, there’s a great extra shoulder that you can pull into to see Old Town from the view that you see in Game of Thrones.  I was so lucky because my Uber driver was super nice and gave me some backstories on the city and pulled aside so I could jump out of the car to take a picture of Old Town that you typically wouldn’t get.

Note: If you plan on getting this view, the view point is actually on the side of the road leaving Dubrovnik. So if you plan on trying to get that photo, you’ll either need to do it when you leave or just be cautious of traffic.

I have to admit that while I thought the flight into Dubrovnik was out of this world, driving there and actually getting to see everything up close as we drove by, it was infinitely more beautiful that I thought it was going to be.

We eventually pulled up to my hotel and I realized just how far away I was from Old Town and the main city center but it was okay because once I got into my hotel, the view of the bay that I was staying in was unbelievable.  I checked into my room and then made my way to the room where I saw that I had a nice view of the bay plus my own little balcony. It would have been a great place to chill but the balconies were all connected so I did feel a little weird having my door open and sitting out door when others were out there too.

After I settled into my room, I decided to go on an adventure to go find some food.  According to Google Maps there were some restaurants around and at the base of the hotel so I decided to adventure out.  There were some stairs down the side of the hotel that eventually led to the water and the main area of the bay. I started down the walking path and realized that since I was there in the middle of the standard holiday season, all of the restaurants that were supposed to be open were not.  The only things available were bars where people were smoking and all I wanted was food.  So I walked all the way down the walking path to the main road, found no food and had to make my way back to the hotel and back up the stairs.

I ended up ordering some room service and settling into my room for the night. I had a tour planned the next day that would be grabbing me at 730AM so I decided it was best to get as much rest as I possibly could.


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