Zagreb to Dubrovnik

Luckily I didn’t have a super early flight the next morning to Dubrovnik so I was able to take my time in the morning. I made my way downstairs to grab some breakfast and then went back upstairs to repack my bags.  My flight was actually in the afternoon so I was able to just stay at my hotel until check-out then grabbed an Uber to the airport. Luckily, the wifi at my hotel went all the way out to the car port area of the hotel so I didn’t need to worry about using data for my ride.

It was interesting to take the Uber to the airport because there weren’t any major roads that took us there like a highway so there were some moments where we were driving through back roads and I was able to get a glimpse of the Zagreb from the suburbs.

We got to the airport, checked in and there I sat. I wanted to make use of the priority pass option and get into a lounge but unfortunately, I could see it from where I was sitting but I couldn’t actually get to it because I was in the domestic terminal.  The lounge was only available from the international terminal.  So I sat down and just started reading.  It was interesting because the staff from the airport was super nice and kept checking up on me to make sure I had everything I needed.  I think it might have been because I was just sitting by myself and maybe they thought I was creepy?  I’m not entirely sure, but the staff was really nice and maybe slightly too attentive but it’s cool.

Eventually, I boarded my plane and then made my way to Dubrovnik.  As we started to fly over the mountains and along the water, I stared out over the cities along the coast and it was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen.  The water was so blue, the homes along the coast and all to the backdrop of these giant mountains. It was amazing.

When I arrived at Dubronik, I walked out of the airport and caught my Uber into the city to get ready for my next adventure.


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