Scratch off maps

For my birthday, my friends got me the most amazing scratch off world map. It is about 2 ft by 3 ft and each country is covered in the gold foil. As I travel, Im able to scratch off the foil so that I can see where I have been.  This one is significantly more detailed than any other map that I’ve seen, probably due to the fact that it is larger than other ones I’ve seen.

I had actually purchased one for myself years ago and in my true laziness, have only mildly kept up with it. The one I purchased is significantly smaller, slightly frayed and still slightly rolled up since I’m way too lazy to get it framed or flattened so it kind of attempts to sit on my bookcase.  That’s right, I haven’t even hung it.

That being said, I love these maps. I feel like they are a good motivator for people to try and actually travel more. There is honestly nothing more satisfying than scratching off a new country or state after I have traveled to it. And seeing the gold disappear as you the landscape and standard map appears underneath.  I feel so accomplished.

That being said, there are some very large countries I have yet to visit so that may be what starts dictating the next travel plans so I can look even more accomplished on my map.

It’s the little things right?


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