Looking for food in Zagreb

After turning around from the last Christmas market, I decided to look for somewhere to eat. I started walking around and all the places were packed and super loud in the city center so I decided to find a grocery store where I could buy food to bring back to my hotel room.  I eventually stumbled upon a corner store and went looking for a sandwich or something but they didn’t have any pre-made meals that I could bring with me so I had to give up on that search.  I decided to continue walking into the city center/main square and that’s when I heard music. So I made my way to the main square and saw that they had a live performance happening on the main stage. Turns out they had planned a bunch of live performances to ring in 2018. So I hung out in the square for a bit and watched the musical performance.  Granted, I didn’t know the band and to be honest I couldn’t understand them since they were singing in Croatian but it was still awesome.  Plus that main square is a great place to people watch, especially with the great weather and the Christmas markets surrounding the square.

After observing people and listening to some great music, I decided that I needed to continue my hunt for food. I had definitely eaten quite a bit of street food at this point in time and so I wasn’t sure I wanted to eat more street vendor food.  I ended up going to a small fast food place that was packed full of people. I decided to get a sandwich and a hot chocolate and sit in the window of the restaurant watching people.  Luckily this place was just at the end of the main city center and so I could see people walking around but I was away from the hustle and bustle of the main square.  The sandwich was plain but delicious and exactly what I needed, nothing fancy.  The hot chocolate was so thick that it might as well have been slightly more liquid chocolate pudding.  I’m not entirely sure why their hot chocolate is so quick but it is delicious. Just be prepared to eat it with a spoon.

I decided to sit there and read for a bit while enjoying my liquid pudding. Eventually I got to a point where I needed to head out because the restaurant was getting way too crowded and there were people everywhere.  It was getting late in the day and I wanted to get back to my hotel by dark.  To be honest, given that I was in a city I didn’t really know and the parties were about to start, I wanted to get back to my hotel with some time to chill before venturing back out to catch the new year’s eve fireworks.


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