Adulthood – Gifts

I recently received the best gift I have ever received in my entire life.  As you might remember, I had a goal of hitting 30 countries by the time I hit my 30th birthday and as a gift, my friends created a book of every single one of the countries I’ve been to.  The book is basically a photo album of some of the best pictures I have taken, some pictures my friends have taken and all in chronological order over the last 12 years.

When I opened up the book for the first time, I started sobbing.  Not just because someone had given me a book but because it was the sweetest thing that I have ever received.  This book took months of creeping on all of my social media and reaching out to a bunch of my friends that I’ve traveled with to collect each and every photo.  While I know that I can always look back on my Instagram or my Facebook to see each and every one of my photos, or I can sit and reflect on all my adventures – none of those really provide an incredibly succinct way to document my adventures. This obviously is because of the fact that I haven’t been good about posting everything in a super consumable way until this book showed up. It was the most wonderful present ever.

But it’s not just because of my travel photos.  My friends had also written some super sweet and amazing messages in the back of the book.

When I opened up the book at the party, I started sobbing and I didn’t end up reading the messages until I got home.  And when I got home, I took some time to just sit down and just consume everything that my friends had done and said over the evening.  It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.

I always forget just how wonderful my friends are and how lucky I am to have met such amazing people in my life. And this was a great reminder for me just how lucky I am to have met some great people.  As I sit writing this, I am still at a loss for words on how I can describe how I feel about each and every person in my life.  I don’t know if I will ever have the words to really describe how much they mean to me and how much I love each and every single person in my life.


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