Christmas Markets continued

When I emerged from the tunnel, I found myself at a park across the street.  It was a giant park that basically sat in the middle of the city and there was another Christmas Market. This one had the same tents but at the very center of the market was a tall white gazebo that had a stage where local bands were playing. This market looked very similar to the rest of the Christmas markets that I had walked through but it had a very different vibe than the original one.  This one felt like I had taken step back in time and found a cute farmers market that was holiday themed.  The roads around the market were significantly more quiet and it felt more secluded since there were trees all around the park.

After making my way through this market, I continued down the sidewalk checking out what the city had to offer. And while I was walking, I came upon yet another Christmas Market. This one was drastically different than all the other ones because it was included kid activities along with some sponsored items.  There was a carousel, a bunch of photo booth items, and…. the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones (obviously a replica) but there was a whole HBO booth available for people to do photo ops.  It was impressive. This one was interesting because it was definitely more up to date and had hashtags and social media related activities.  This one was not as interesting to me so I decided to do a quick walk through and then continue on my journey.

I continued down my path and ended up at King Tomislov Square which had an ice park! There’s a giant pond in the middle of this square and they created an ice rink around the pond and people are able to skate around it.  It was honestly the most beautiful day to be sitting out there watching people skate around the park while the sun was shining.  I decided to chill there for a little bit and ordered some Croatian fritule that basically looks like fried donut holes.  They’re super light, fluffy, a little crispy on the outside and absolutely delicious.  I opted to have chocolate syrup drizzled over the top of my fritule and sat down with my cup and excessively large toothpick on some stairs and watched the ice skaters.  Yes it sounds a little creepy that I was just people watching, but it was such a beautiful day and it was such a great location for people watching. When I finished my fried dough, I decided it was time to start wandering again.

As it turns out the end of that specific park brought me to the end of  the main road where the train tracks turned around so I decided to turn around with the train. And as I was walking, I found a sign for a secret garden so I decided to check it out.  Guess what I found in the secret garden? Yet another Christmas market. It was created by the museum in that area and incorporated some ancient ruins. This market was still very quiet by the time I got there because it was still relatively early in the morning.  This one was a little lackluster but it was really pretty to see. I wandered it really quickly and decided that it was time to go find more food.


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