I get made fun of a lot because I eat a lot of food and I don’t know how to cook.  What I’ve realized is that I’m terribly impatient when it comes to eating and that mixed with my inability to really plan ahead means that cooking is an excessively difficult task for me. When I get hungry, my emotional IQ kicks in and I am not able to really control my cravings. I’ve noticed that when I start getting hungry, I don’t have the patience to wait for the food to actually cook and I start eating all of the food as ingredients rather than an actual dish itself.  So that being said, I have decided to test out some simple recipes that don’t take a lot of thinking or prep to see if there’s something that will get me more into cooking. Here are a few things hat have worked for me:

Williams Sonoma quick bread: I have never actually made bread on my own but this quick bread mix is amazing and if you want good delicious bread, check these out.  You can make quite a decent amount of bread with just the mix, two eggs, some milk and a loaf pan. Plus the actual mixing of everything only takes about 5 minutes and then it’s just waiting for it to bake in the oven.

Chia seed pudding: I had this delicious chia seed pudding with fruit compote in San Francisco and decided that I wanted to try and make it myself.  Let’s be honest, I haven’t tried to make fruit compote yet but the chia seed pudding was significantly easier than I thought it would be.  All you do is add milk to chia seeds and then let it sit for awhile (over 12 hours preferably).

Jalapeno cream cheese wontons: I like putting cream cheese, jalapenos and chopped spinach in a wonton wrapper and then baking it.  Super easy, super delicious and totally worth the prep work which is maybe about 5 minutes of making and then putting the mixture in a wonton wrapper.

Home meal kits: You can try Blue Apron, Hello Fresh or even the Amazon ones. Personally the Blue Apron and Hello Fresh ones take a lot longer to prep for me and that is rough for me but knowing that I have all everything all laid out for me really helps with putting stuff together.  Let’s be honest, it still takes an absurd amount of self control to handle making those but at least I have a full end goal in mind.

Bibigo Kimchi Stew: I love soondubu and I love Kimchi.  This was the best discovery for me because it’s super easy to make, takes only a few minutes and you can just put it over rice.  It’s amazing and delicious.  I’ve decided that these fancy kits are totally the best creations.

Top Ramen noodles as a base: I love using the top ramen noodles as a good base for my meals. I usually add various vegetables and eggs to my top ramen so that it makes me feel healthier.

Prepackaged quinoa and rice bowls: These bowls are great, and I was able to find quite a few good deals at Costco that saves me the time of having to fully prep the bases for my meals.  In addition, it helps with the portion control so I’m not stuck eating the same thing every day for a week.

Salmon patties: The salmon burger patties from Costco are a game changer.  You can just take a few out, put them on a cookie sheet, add a few seasonings or even just a little bit of pepper and then let it bake for 10 minutes on each side and you’re done! Protein for all your meals.

Do you have any tips or tricks for easy foods to cook or work with to help minimize prep time? I’m always on the lookout for new options.


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