More Christmas Markets in Zagreb

Although I knew that Zagreb loves their Christmas Markets and I had stumbled upon two of them, one on the hill and one in the city center, I wasn’t entirely prepared for the rest of the Christmas Markets I ended up seeing as I continued to wander. When I finally came out of the neighborhoods and started walking through the city, I decided to walk away from the mountain where I had been chilling.  And incorporated into all of the buildings were more and more holiday decorations and Christmas Markets.

The first one I checked out was the one in City Center. This was by far the largest Christmas Market I found in the city. It covered the main town square and all around the perimeter of the square were white tents where people were serving mulled wine, beer, and various types of food.  They had fake trees set up covered in fake snow and various decorations like sleighs and presents to help create the feeling of a winter wonderland. Granted, it was hard to pretend you were in the middle of a winter wonderland with the excessive sun, blue skies and buildings everywhere but it was a great attempt. In addition to the various tents, there was a stage at the edge of the market where they had musical guests on New Year’s Eve for the day and to welcome in 2018.

After checking out the markets surrounding the main square, I made my way down one of the major roads connecting to the main square and continued walking past the remainder of the tents.  I was hungry at this point so I stopped and grabbed myself a hot dog and continued on my way through the city. One thing that’s awesome about these food vendors is that there are so many various options and each tent has a little table area where you can stand and eat your food while enjoying the sights.

As I continued walking down through the rest of the city, I kept my eyes open for anything new and interesting to check out and that’s when I spotted yet another hidden tunnel within the buildings. There was a tunnel through one of the buildings that led it to another parallel street and the entire tunnel was black except for a white twigs covered in twinkle lights.  It was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen. It was like a little escape from the city in the center of the city.  As I walked through the tunnel, it was pitch black except for the lights, it was silent and you could barely hear the street noises as soon as you hit the center and there was only one store entrance in there. It was such a great hidden treasure within the city.

Once I go to the other side, I continued walking down the new street on the outside of the city center and continued my Christmas Market journey.


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