Exploring Zagreb city center

When I was done with the tunnel, I found myself at the heart of the city center and wasn’t entirely sure where I wanted to go so I looked up to the sky and saw a cool neo-gothic looking church and decided that this would be the next stop. I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going but I knew that it would be an interesting place to check out so I started walking.

As I started walking, I realized that I was basically walking around the base of the mountain I had just climbed down and eventually ended up stumbling upon a giant farmer’s market. It was so cool to see.  In the middle of winter, there was a giant square full of tables and produce. It was such a great colorful scene to see in the middle of winter. At the same time, it was kind of entertaining to see because the sun was out, the sky was bright blue and the tables were full of colorful fruit. I walked through each of the rows of tables to see what people were selling and after deciding not to purchase anything, I continued my trek to the church.

I ended up at the church and admired it from the outside.  As you probably know, I love the neo-gothic architecture because it is absolutely beautiful and so intricate. I loved the churches that I saw in Austria and the church in Zagreb was no different.  Plus there was a giant Christmas tree standing in the front and center of the church so it was a great photo op.  I decided not to go into the church because there was a service happening and so I made my lap around the outside and then just started walking.

I ended up walking through the neighborhoods and up the mountain again in what I can only assume would be considered the suburbs of Zagreb. It was definitely quite an adventure because at some point, the sidewalks turned into parking spaces and I had to walk through the street just to get around the cars.  It was probably a bit on the dangerous side to have to do that but it’s cool. It was definitely an adventure.

After realizing that I wasn’t going to stumble upon anything super interesting except homes and I was being a little creepy by walking through the neighborhoods, I decided it was time to head back into the center of the city and continue wandering around the Christmas markets.


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