Gric Tunnel – Zagreb, Croatia

After walking through the first Christmas Market, I made my way down the hill via some stairs that I found at the end of the market.  I probably could have walked through the market again and purchased something to eat but at this point, there were too many people I just wanted to continue my adventuring.  I decided to loop around the edge of the mountain down the stairs and found myself at the entrance to the Gric Tunnel.

When you google something along the lines of “things to do in Zagreb” this tunnel is included in that list of things to do. So it was great that it was so close to everything else I was trying to do. This was actually the tunnel that I had seen earlier in the day and it was lit up in rainbow lights and to be honest, it was a bit terrifying just looking at the entrance. But when I had walked by it in the early morning, it seemed a little scary to walk through with no one else around. Now, there were more people wandering around and I felt more confident walking through the tunnel on my own so I did.

As I got closer to the center of the tunnel, I realized there was Christmas music playing and the lights were leading to a giant art display they had installed in the very center of the tunnel. It looked almost like a Christmas toy box in giant art form all around the tunnel. There was a giant toy soldier hanging from the ceiling, various excessively large toys hanging from the walls and other Christmas like items covered in rainbow colored lights.  It was amazing to see and I am so happy that I actually felt brave enough to wander into a cave like tunnel alone.

When I finally got through to the other side of the tunnel, I was ready to continue wandering the rest of the city.


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