Appreciating Seattle

Recently, Seattle has gotten to a point where spring is an actual thing. At first, when spring first started, it was raining like crazy and everyone complained. But over the last few days, Seattle has been beautiful and it has been the perfect reminder of why I love this city.  It’s so green and blue when the sun is shining and honestly, there is nothing as wonderful as Seattle in the sun.

I think that people in Seattle actually appreciate the sun so much more than most other cities. I’m not saying that other cities don’t love the sun and appreciate it. But Seattle-ites put up with so much rain and gloom 9 months out of the year that when the sun comes out, it’s the most wonderful thing in the entire world. It is like every single person in the city decides that they want to be outside and they want to soak up as much sun as humanly possible.  You can’t walk anywhere in the city without seeing mass amounts of people sitting outside and exercising outside. Even just standing in the sun bring a smile to everyone’s face and people take full advantage of the sun.

I know that when Seattle gets sunny, my favorite thing to do is just walk around outside.  I don’t need to have a place to go, I don’t need to have a destination but I just want to be outside. Now that I am working downtown, I will purposely decide to walk home from work just because it’s beautiful. I will deal with the sweat and the long trek home just to walk home. Granted, I will admit that sometimes, I will get to the last 15 blocks and contemplate going to a bus stop just so that I can avoid the hill. But at that point, I’ve walked about 3 miles so I might as well continue the rest of the trek.

It’s funny to me to come to this realization because back when I lived in LA, I didn’t appreciate the sun and the weather as much as I thought I would. I think it was because I knew that it was always going to be sunny and I knew that I could always go outside regardless of what time of year it was. So I didn’t take advantage. I would come home after work and sit in my apartment. I would drive everywhere regardless of how close the place was. And then when it got really warm, I would complain.

Now that I’m in Seattle, the instant it’s sunny, I open all my windows to get as much fresh air. I will stand outside just to soak up as much sun as possible. I will forego the jacket just because it’s sunny outside even if it’s chilly. That being said, I am so excited for the summer.

Do you think that there’s another city that appreciates the sun as much as Seattle?


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