Christmas markets in Zagreb

After leaving the museum, I made my way through upper town and eventually stumbled upon the first Christmas market of many that I would visit over a few days. This market was sitting right on the edge of the upper town and actually the edge of the hill so that it overlooked all of Zagreb below. When I first realized that I had stumbled upon the market it was because I heard a bunch of music through speakers along the sides of some buildings and then there were a bunch of white and red decorations all along a pathway. It was absolutely adorable.  They had red bikes strung up along the walk way, suitcases, shoes, various holiday decorations and such. Each one was it’s own little photo op and would have been perfect for taking an Instagram photo.

The further I went along the pathway, the more festive it became.  Eventually I ended up at the center of the market and it was filled with little white tents that were just starting to set up and get ready to open.  Each vendor was serving some sort of specialized food like mulled wine, hot dogs, Croatian pastries, etc.  And they were setting up various tables for people to sit at and look out over the city.  It was…perfect to be honest.  With the blue sky, the sun and the lack of clouds, it was absolutely amazing and a perfect little start to my time in Zagreb.

I actually opted not to eat anything from this specific market since I had my excessively thick hot chocolate earlier and so I walked to the end of the market, enjoyed the view and then continued my wandering.

One thing that I did find out while I was wandering this specific market was that Zagreb prides itself on their abundance of Christmas markets. I believe they actually have been voted one of the top European cities for Christmas markets a few years in a row. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting myself into when it came to Zagreb and the amount of Christmas markets but I would soon get to a point where I would learn and fully appreciate.

I decided to continue my adventuring right as the crowds started to appear at this particular market so to avoid the mass amounts of people, I started heading down the hill and back to the city center.



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