Getting back to my roots

I mentioned earlier that I had written something for my team called “how to keep your sanity” and recently I realized that one thing for me that has been missing has been something I’ve done for years and has played the biggest role in my life.  To be 100% honest, I haven’t done thing is a very long time and it’s funny because this used to be my stress relief.  This was my tactic to get rid of writer’s block, it was my ability to basically set my mind free for a brief moment and reset my mind. So recently, I felt motivated to try again and I dusted off the old piano.

If you didn’t know, my first adult purchase after I graduated college was my Costco membership. It was by far one of the best purchases I have ever made.  The second adult purchase I made was buying my piano.  It’s not a full standup piano but rather a digital keyboard that has a full 88 keys and one pedal.  It’s lightweight and be easily moved around.  Plus, since it’s digital, I am able to plug in headphones to use it so that I don’t need to worry about bothering my neighbors. It’s by far one of the best purchases I’ve made, plus, I don’t have to worry about getting it tuned which is a great cost save.

I started playing the piano recently and it’s been so interesting to see what’s still in my mind verses what is muscle memory for me. I have all these songs that I started playing when I was a lot younger that I memorized for festivals or because I loved them so much.  And now, years and years later, I can still play them. But not perfectly. I say that because sometimes my brain moves a little faster than my fingers and when I stumble I can’t get back to just picking up at the same place and starting. It’s fascinating to see this happening because when I stumble, I legitimately have to start all over again when I’m trying to play via memory.  So even though it is something that I’ve memorized and have been playing for well over a decade, I don’t remember it fully. Along with that, when I start playing the song using the actual sheet music, I can play without looking at my hands and it is definitely muscle memory but then if I try to play it without the music, I am useless.

It’s interesting what the mind and body can do and I love it. It feels great to get back into piano and maybe I can work on memorizing music again.

Just a general musing for the day.


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