Zagreb, Croatia – Wandering Around

After leaving my hotel, I set my sites on getting to the Museum of Broken Relationships which was started in Zagreb and sits in a baroque palace on top of the hill that overlooks all of Zagreb.  I knew which direction I needed to go and so I started walking.

My initial thoughts of the city is that it is beautiful and the buildings are amazing. I was lucky because the weather was beautiful, the sun was out and sky was bright blue. It was definitely chilly and I was nice and bundled ready for my walk around the entire city. I eventually found myself just outside of the main city square and found a path up to the top of the hill.

One thing that I noticed was that the city definitely was quiet, especially considering it was 10AM on a weekday. I think that because it was around the holidays, people were probably off work and so the city felt barren. It was actually kind of fascinating to see because I feel like in Seattle the city was probably bustling even though it was the holiday season. Not all the companies take all the time off between Christmas and New Years so if I had still been in Seattle, I would have probably been going to work and the city wouldn’t have really felt like it was a holiday season except maybe the buses would have been just a little emptier and and the offices would be a little quieter.

That being said, I barely saw anyone wandering around Zagreb.  There were a few tourists here and there but almost no cars, the trains were relatively empty and shops were closed or just on the verge of opening up.

I started making my way up the hill and as I started up the path, I saw there was a tunnel at the base of the mountain.  It was light up in rainbow colors and I couldn’t see the end of the tunnel.  I knew that this was actually a landmark that you can visit when you google the exact phrase “what to do in Zagreb” but to be honest, when you’re one of 10 people you’ve seen in about 30 minutes, walking through a mysterious-rainbow-lit-tunnel is not necessarily the first thing you want to do.  So I didn’t do it and just continued up the path toward the top of the hill.

As you get to the top of the hill, there are lots of signs everywhere that guide you around to various things you can see in that general like churches, the various museums and the view points.  I followed the signs and eventually ended up walking around just a little bit before walking into the museum.  The buildings up there are various shades of pale yellow and bright yellow. The architecture is actually not necessarily super unique or outstanding but they are well kept, especially given how old they are.  The upper town of Zagreb is full of homes and interesting little churches and alleys you can explore and check out.

Finally, I found myself at the Museum of Broken Relationships and made my way in.


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