Belgrade to Zagreb

I woke up early the next morning and caught my ride to the Belgrade airport. The way that the airport was set up, I couldn’t get into the area for my flight until about 45 minutes before we departed so I even though I was at the airport relatively early, I had to just sit and wait before I could get through the last line of security to go to my gate where I sat and waited some more.  I took my Croatian Airlines flight to Zagreb with no issues, nothing exciting and landed in Croatia bright and early.

The Zagreb airport is super easy to navigate and I was able to get wifi access so I called my uber and was picked up by a very friendly driver who gave me all these amazing food recommendations and things to see in Zagreb. The airport is a pretty far distance from the city so it was a solid 20-30 minute drive into the city so we had lots of time to chat about what I should do in Zagreb, especially considering that the next day was New Year’s Eve.

I got to my hotel, which was actually a Westin because I managed to get it for super cheap on Expedia for the nights I was in Zagreb.  It was about a 15 minute walk from my hotel to the city center so in retrospect, it was nice to be able to stay a little further away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, especially considering just how serious they take their holidays and their holiday decorations. I think that I would have enjoyed being in the city center but I probably would have been very displeased with all the noise considering that I like sleeping.

I wasn’t able to check into my hotel since I took the first flight out of Serbia and landed in Croatia around 9 AM.  I was super tired but they were going to charge me 20 Euros to check in early which is not worth it. So instead, I repacked some of my stuff so that my purse wouldn’t be super heavy, gave my luggage to the front staff and grabbed a map of Zagreb.

Since the next day was going to be a holiday and I had learned my lesson from Athens, I decided that I wanted to make sure I checked out the museums as a priority to make sure that I actually had a chance to see them before I made my way to my next city. After storing my luggage, I started my trek toward the city center. I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going but I just started walking in the direction of the hill that overlooked city center.


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