Belgrade, Serbia – Wandering

One of the key sites in Belgrade is the Belgrade Fortress which sits just along the Danube River.

Side note: the Danube River is found in multiple countries and every time I find myself along it, I always wonder if somewhere across the water from where I am standing is another country.  Obviously, my geography skills are lacking and not impressive.

After I found myself in the main part of town, I walked toward the water and eventually ended up at the Belgrade Fortress.  It was free to enter into and it was pretty cool to see.  They have a bunch of exhibits that you can check out for free such as all the canons, you can climb the walls of the fortress and overlook the fortress, there are a bunch of nooks and crannies that you can find yourself lost in. There was a random playground in the middle of the fortress that you had to pay to get into because it had…mechanical dinosaurs inside of it. They called it Jurassic Park and it was the strangest thing I’ve seen.  I didn’t expect to see dinosaurs in the playground of the Belgrade Fortress but whatever works.

Throughout the entire fortress, you can read about the history of the Fortress, who has conquered it when, who they fought and what it was up against throughout the years.  It was actually really fascinating for someone who didn’t know anything about Belgrade.  On the outside of the Fortress, away from the city, you can actually walk up a hill and check out the Danube and the rest of Belgrade on the other side of the water from the fortress. It was also interesting especially considering how often it’s changed hands throughout the history.

I stood on top of the hill and stared out over the river and while I was freezing, it was really quite overwhelming to stand there and see just how far I could see. It was dark, gray and super dry looking since it was the middle of winter but you can see for miles out into the world from this hill.  To be honest, this hill isn’t even that tall.  Looking back toward the city, you can barely see over the fortress walls.

After walking through the entire Fortress, I found myself back by the main entrance and now saw that the park was full of people.  Earlier when I had walked through it was relatively empty, especially given how early I had started my day.  Now it was full of families taking strolls in the cold along the park and the walkways were covered in vendors selling magnets and other trinkets.  I later learned that the Fortress is one of the top tourist sights in Belgrade so it made sense there were so many vendors around that area. I decided it was time to find myself a magnet for my mom, especially since I wasn’t sure I would find any anywhere else since I hadn’t seen any tourist gift shops on my way to the Fortress.  So I bought a magnet for my mom and then made my way back to the main square of Belgrade, Republic Square.


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