Serbian pancakes

As I was sitting in my hotel room staring at the Serbian currency, I got on my phone and googled “Serbian foods.” Okay maybe that’s not what I googled, but I did google something along those lines to see what food I should get for dinner.  And Serbian pancakes popped up as a must eat food while I was in Belgrade.  Luckily, according to Google Maps, there was a really good local place just down the street from my hotel so I decided to go there.  I went to Palacinkarnica Glumac and entered into a fully packed restaurant that was not fancy and super loud.  There was one guy working who greeted me in Serbian and realized that my blank stare meant that I had no idea what he said to me.  So he asked me if I wanted to eat in or take to go then gave me a menu in English.

I started taking in the various options that were listed on the menu and ended up just staring at the menu because I wasn’t sure what to get. I knew that I was starving and needed food but should I get a sweet one or should I get a savory one?  Should I get both because how often will I be in Serbia?

I decided on a ham and cheese pancake and then the nutella and banana one.  When I went to go order it, the chef asked me if I wanted two in English and I said yup, two thinking she meant one of each. In my head I was thinking, that’s funny that she would ask me if I wanted two when I gave her two separate types of pancakes that I wanted.

I watched her package up my food which looked like a lot of food and didn’t think anything of it. I paid my whole $7 USD for my dinner and then made my way back to my hotel.  As I made my way back to my hotel, I remember thinking that my bag of food was excessively heavy and how was I going to finish all of the food but whatever it was only $7. I would eat as much of it as I could and then maybe save the rest in the fridge (if my hotel room had a fridge).  If not, it was only $7 and I would probably be stuffed for the entire night and probably the morning.

I got back to my hotel room and settled into my bed to eat my delicious food. I pulled out the first set of aluminum wrapped pancakes and realized that it was super heavy.  There was no way I was going to be able to eat both of my pancakes so I would just save the nutella one for the next.  I’m sure it wouldn’t go bad.  I opened up the aluminum foil and realized that I had two of the savory pancakes.  They didn’t just give me one like I thought I had ordered, they had given me two.  I opened up the second aluminum wrapped and realized that when the lady had asked me if I wanted two, she meant two of each. She didn’t mean two overall.  So there I was with more pancakes than I had originally ordered.

So I started eating.

Serbian pancakes are basically crepes with a Serbian spin on them.  The crepe itself is not sweet and they use their own type of ham and cheese. It was the cheesiest crepe I’ve ever had in my entire life.  I got through the first one and took a bite of the second one and thought that I was going to explode so I stopped eating.  And like most people, I always have room for something sweet so I started in on my nutella pancake.  I got through about 75% of it and ate most of the chocolate and bananas and had to give up.  Immediately after that, I got ready for bed and settled in for the night.  The thought of doing anything more than sleeping seemed too difficult.

Overall the savory and the sweet pancakes were really good, the cheese on the savory felt a little aggressive.  I’m actually not a big fan of savory crepes but I think I panicked when I was standing in the restaurant.  So I ordered one and with the grease that came out of the cheese with the ham plus the butter used on the crepe itself, it was a lot to say the least. The sweet crepe was delicious because how can something with nutella not be absolutely delicious and amazing.  I ate around the pancake so that all that was really left were the outer portions that had barely, if any nutella, and was overall very pleased with my decision.

After consuming my weight in pancakes, I fell into a deep slumber in preparation for my full day of wandering.


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