Wedding season

It has officially been wedding season for me since the start of 2018.  I didn’t really realize it until recently but I have been to two weddings so far in 2018, who would have thought that this soon into the year, I would have already completed two weddings.  The first one was in Bristol, UK the first weekend in January and was absolutely the most wonderful experience.  I personally take credit for that relationship (which sounds incredibly snobby and terrible) but if I hadn’t convinced my friend to go to the Shire with me, then she wouldn’t have met her now husband.  To give just a little bit of backstory, she’s never seen the Lord of the Rings movies and the Shire meant nothing to her.  The second wedding was in San Diego and was absolutely beautiful and amazing.

But the amount of weddings I’ve been to this year has really left me thinking a lot about all the weddings I have been to and how many more I have this year.  I’ve been going to weddings since I was a kid but the first major wedding I went to that probably kicked off the trend was in 2012.  After that, each year became a steady perpetual wedding season and man it is expensive but at the same time, I think I’ve come to really appreciate and love them so much.

I came to this realization because the last wedding I went to, the groom started walking down the aisle and as he made his way down, he was on the verge of tears. It was one of the first moments where I’ve been able to see that happen and it made me realize just how much I love weddings.  This sounds strange because most people love weddings and most people thrive on them. I don’t necessarily “hate” love but weddings are more of a logistical nightmare to me. Just the process of finding clothes to wear, regardless of whether in the bridal party, remembering to RSVP, gifts, etc.  I’m just so bad at balancing my personal life that remembering to be helpful for someone’s wedding is difficult to me.  I may or may not be that person who texted the bride two weeks before her wedding to make sure I RSVPed to the wedding.

But I think that I’ve realized that up until the weddings started, birthdays and major holidays were the way that you would get everyone together. But as people have started moving and changing their lives, weddings are now how we are able to meet up and have reunions.  Weddings are now reunions for us.  How adult.  Surrounding yourself with all these people who love the married couple as much as you do and being able to celebrate them while being able to reunite with people you love… so great.

That being said, I still have one more gripe about wedding season. I hate that, as a single female, I am consistently told that I need to be a part of the bouquet toss. I don’t know if you remember but I’ve been chased at other weddings to be a part of the group of girls frantically screaming for the bouquet to get tossed at them. I remember one wedding I went to in 2014 where the bouquet landed between a friend and I, and we both turned, looked at it and walked away. It was like a direct replay of the Sex and the City scene. But since then, I’ve avoided the bouquet toss and I hate being pointed out as a single female at a wedding. This last wedding, I had multiple people point me out for not standing up and as a proud single female, I was offended. Why can’t people get on board with the fact that I am happy as a single person.  I wish people would be okay with the fact that I don’t want to be a part of the bouquet toss because it represents people thinking I am incomplete, it represents someone else getting married which is not what I want, and it represents pointing out that I am one of the lone single females at the weddings (which I’ve noticed is quickly diminishing with each wedding).

As I get ready for the remainder of the weddings that I have this year, I need to get better about timing my leave from the reception during the bouquet toss. But other than that, I cannot wait to celebrate the love of my friends and their move toward being more adult than me. Now who wants to help me shop for outfits and gifts for the remaining three weddings of the year?



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