Wandering Oia, Greece

After finding the blue domed church, I was okay with just getting very lost around the small town. It’s actually crazy because the white of the walls that you see in the photos is actually real. The landscape that you see in all the photos are real. Someone could photoshop their photos to make the colors sharper, but in all actuality, there’s no need from what I saw. Santorini is really just that beautiful and those colors are really just that vibrant and bright.

As I was walking through the city of Oia, the one thing I did notice was that the the roads in Oia have a tendency to end abruptly, more so than in Fira. I think it may have been partially due to the fact that it wasn’t tourist season so there were a lot of gates up blocking you from going down to some of the more private resort/hotel areas. Which was unfortunate for me because some of those hotels seemed to have even more amazing views of the island but at the same time, it made sense. The other thing I noticed is that since Oia is such a major tourist location, there were definitely more donkeys around and more construction happening. As I’ve mentioned previously, it wasn’t the tourist season when I was there and so they were using that time to really fix up the buildings along the island. With the weather and being right on the water, the buildings need to be touched up every year. So it felt like I saw more donkeys than I did people while I was wandering Oia.

I think honestly, I had a harder time navigating the city than I did Fira. It seemed significantly more confusing in terms of how the entire city was laid out which is hilarious given that it’s significantly smaller than Fira. But honest, Oia is beautiful and it is amazing. The views are absurdly unreal but in the best way possible. The view of Fira and the rest of the entire coastline feels like a dream because of how far you can see into the water, the island and into the distance.

I have to admit, I didn’t check out the sunset spot because I was too lazy to wait there until sunset. So after a few hours of wandering, I was a bit hungry and I had only found two open restaurants. One of them had a great view of the entire island but since it was the only major restaurant open, it was packed with all the 15 tourists that road the bus with me to Oia just a few hours earlier. So I settled for a sandwich at a the main square/bus terminal and then settled alongside a wall in Oia and just stared out over the entire island. It was the perfect end to my time in Oia.

If you find yourself there, I highly recommend wandering through the entire island and even checking out the northern tip of the city because you get a different view of the water. I didn’t wander all the way around the coastline but from what I did see, it was absolutely beautiful regardless of where you decided to walk. It was finally time to catch the bus so I went back to the bus stop and then boarded the bus back to Fira.


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