Wandering Fira, Santorini, Greece.

After I got done eating my breakfast, I decided that it was time for me to finally get going with my adventures. I only had the day left on the island and so I decided that I had to make sure I adventured as much as humanly possible. I checked in with the hotel to get the bus schedule and they mentioned to me that the buses run on their own version of the time table. If the bus schedule says that they will show up at 930, you need to give yourself about a 15-20 minute plus or minus window on when they would actually show up. Since I had checked in with the reception desk right at the time that the bus was supposed to be at the main station, I decided to go and check to see if I had missed my chance. I walked down to the only bus stop in Fira and checked the time schedules. There was not a soul in sight and I knew that I had missed it. So I decided that I would start wandering Fira and then see if I could walk the six miles to Oia.

I have to admit that there was some part of me that thought that if I had enough time, I could walk to Oia which is the most northern point of the island. I had this idea in my head that if i just started following the entire coastline, I would eventually end up there so that’s what I started doing with the occasional detour around the city.

Rather than going through the main city center of Fira, I started wandering through the side streets of the city which ended up having me weave in and out of the entire city through all the buildings. The thing about the cities on Santorini is that you cannot drive through them. There are a few roads on the east side of the city that you can definitely use a car to get around but it only gets you so far. After you hit a certain point on the west side, you have to get around by feet or donkey. To be honest, from what I could tell, there is no rhyme or reason to how the walkways are laid out. They just randomly end and startup again on the other side of buildings. Be prepared to start walking and then have to turn around because buildings will get in the way.

I had no major destination in mind except to get to Oia either by foot or bus. So I explored. In Fira, there’s actually a pretty decently laid out pathway, with the occasional turn offs, that allows you walk along the entire coastline of Fira.  If you decide to do this walk north, I highly recommend making sure you keep turning around. The walk north increases in elevation because the north side of Fira is on a hill and that’s where the city ends. As you start to climb up the hill/mountain, you can start to see further and further south along the coast. This truly has the most breathtaking views of the island and the volcano that I have ever seen.

After getting lost multiple times throughout the entire city, I got to the edge of Fira and started walking along the main road way and realized that walking to Oia was not something that I could do. The shoulders of the main road were excessively tiny and I could easily get taken by a car or a bus so I gave up on the walking. So I headed over to the main bus terminal and waited for the bus to Oia.


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